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Information on authorized closings during inclement weather

From: Human Resources

The safety of the Virginia Tech community is our top priority. In times of inclement weather or other situations, it may be necessary for the university to close or delay opening the Blacksburg, Virginia campus or other locations across the state. 

Decisions to alter the normal schedule for the university are made as quickly as possible and are communicated to faculty, staff, students, and the community in the following ways:

Note: These are the only official sources of information for authorized closings and delayed openings for the Blacksburg campus and facilities in the immediate Blacksburg area (excluding off-campus extension offices). As a public service, information will be sent to local media outlets as needed; however, Virginia Tech is not responsible for inaccurate reporting of information on local media outlets.

In the case of inclement weather, employees are responsible for notifying and communicating with their supervisors if and when to report to work that day. If it is not safe for an employee to report to work, they should notify their supervisor.

Because full details of university closings may not be adequately provided or described in other public media, employees are strongly advised to check the University Status page or one of the other official sources listed above. Additional information is available on the authorized closings page

Note: Authorized closing applies to the Blacksburg, Virginia campus or other specific campus locations across the state. Non-emergency personnel who telework on authorized telework arrangements are expected to continue working their normal schedule during an authorized closing and will not receive compensatory leave. If employees who telework on authorized telework arrangements are not able to do so due to a power outage or other condition preventing the ability to work during an authorized closing, they should consult immediately with their supervisor.

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