Virginia Tech is a leader in developing technologies that provide better information on threats and vulnerabilities, promote clear communication during emergencies, facilitate regulatory compliance, and protect university data and networks. Several of these technologies were presented on Sept. 2 at the Safety & Security Technology Showcase held at the Inn at Virginia Tech.

The event, hosted by Sherwood Wilson, vice president for administration, and Scott Midkiff, vice president for information technology, and organized by Converged Technologies for Security, Safety, and Resilience, was open to the university community. The showcase featured presentations on six innovative collaborations within information technology and administrative services. Topics included:

  • Environmental Health & Safety Management System – a tool that makes compliance easier for workgroups and laboratories across the university.
  • Cyber Incident Response Plan – a comprehensive structure for investigating, mitigating, and recovering from cyber security incidents.
  • InVisionFM Interior Space visualization – data-rich graphical representations of building maps and floor plans that inform decision-making for emergency managers, first responders, and facility managers.
  • Virtual emergency operations center (Veoci) – customized software that provides for interdepartmental collaboration and promotes effective coordination, documentation, and information sharing for first responders during events and incidents.
  • 2-Factor Authentication – a protocol that will improve the security of log-in processes at Virginia Tech through the use of one-time secondary passwords delivered to a device in the user’s possession.
  • Security Cameras and Residential Network Upgrades – installations that improve situational awareness, surveillance and investigative capabilities, and communication across campus.

The event also included a poster session featuring the following topics:

  • 25Live – an application that enables event planners and academic schedulers to search venues, schedule campus space and resources, tie in with facility systems, ensure compliance with policies, and build out a calendar; but which also provides valuable information for police and emergency managers.
  • Mobile, Single Sign On Interface –an application that allows users to securely access multiple mobile applications with only one sign-on, enabling more efficient response times for emergency responders. 

“This year’s session shed light on a wide variety of cross-disciplinary collaborations that are having a positive impact on safety, security, and resilience at the university and in the wider community,” said Brenda van Gelder, executive director of Converged Technologies for Security, Safety, and Resilience.

Video of the presentations, as well as slide sets and PDF versions of the posters are available on the Technology Showcase page.