Virginia Tech announces the creation of the Office of Medical Informatics Translation, Training and Ethics (MITTE) at Virginia Tech.

MITTE is a timely response to surging interest in the field of medical informatics, which utilizes supercomputing to process massive biomedical datasets, creating IT-based innovation in the healthcare field.

MITTE’s focus will be on pioneering research, training the next generation of scientists in the field, and facilitating entrepreneurship.

Professor Harold "Skip" Garner has been named the founding Executive Director of MITTE. Garner began his work in this field as an early and substantial part of the human genome project, distinguishing his contributions through a substantial publication and patent record.

Among MITTE’s first projects will be the study of genomic "dark matter"— the understudied parts of the human genome—with a specific focus on advancing diagnostic and drug-targeting capabilities for cancer and neurological conditions.