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Pulse of the Planet


Jim Metzner Jim Metzner

Pulse of the Planet gives listeners a brief insight into the natural world that surrounds them. Jim Metzner has produced the daily radio show heard more than 250 public and commercial radio stations around the world since 1989. Metzner's recent broadcasts have featured the work of these Virginia Tech researchers. 

Pulse of the Planet airs on RadioIQ every weekday at 7:04 p.m.

Learn more about Pulse of the Planet by visiting its website. Each of the researchers and faculty members below have been featured on Pulse of the Planet. Click their individual links to hear stories about their research. Check this page often for new features and interviews. 

Pulse of the Planet: Bill Hopkins

The snapping turtle and the Hellbender show us the effects of pollutants on the environment.

Pulse of the Planet: Boris Vinatzer

Bacteria is a key ingredient in the recipe for making rain.

Pulse of the Planet: Chelsea Cook

Chelsea Cook has a goal to become an astronaut, and won't let blindness keep her from achieving that. 

Pulse of the Planet: David Schmale

Drones can be used to study microbes that live in the atmosphere and their effect on plants, animals, and people.

Pulse of the Planet: Deborah Young-Corbett

How better designs for tools or devices can lead to safer working conditions. 

Pulse of the Planet: Erin Ling

Follow these tips to keep well water safe for drinking. 

Pulse of the Planet: Jim Fraser

A team investigates the effect of Hurricane Sandy on the piping plover, a threatened shorebird.

Pulse of the Planet: Leo Piilonen

The discovery of how particles acquire mass field has expanded the frontier of physics.

Pulse of the Planet: Michael Friedlander

Recent discoveries have revolutionized our understanding of the brain.

Pulse of the Planet: Rafael Davalos

New procedures for treating brain tumors show promise.

Pulse of the Planet: Read Montague

The study of the mind and how it performs in social interactions.

Pulse of the Planet: Susan Duncan

The importance of comfort foods, taste, and smell.

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