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Photos: Students work in Honduras during spring break

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Nine Virginia Tech students decided to forgo the usual spring break of fun in the sun for a week of wielding pickaxes and lugging rocks while making life a bit easier for residents of a rural Honduran community.  

The students visited the small mountain town of Copantle in western Honduras this spring where they worked on a farm, helped develop a source of alternative energy, and built a school. Many of the students are minoring in civic agriculture and food systems, an academic program within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences that helps students identify and develop ways to help communities build, maintain, and thrive in a safe and healthy agricultural environment. The program blends academics with real-life situations and solutions.

The farm in Copantle was an “agro-ecological” development, where every fruit tree, plant, and animal is chosen for a reason. Pineapples, for example, provide a natural terrace on the slope.        

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