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Submit a Campus Notice

Campus notices are reserved for items of news and information of importance to the overall campus community, as well as to the extended community of satellite campuses; faculty, staff, and students residing on and off campus; parents; and the community at large. Think of notices like inter-office memos.

Notices are not intended to be event or activity announcements, which should more properly be submitted as an Event Calendar listing.

Notices will be posted online for no longer than 45 days. Notices are posted on a rolling basis. Please allow at least two to three business days for your submission to be processed. Approved notices are listed online and many are featured in the Virginia Tech News Daily E-mail, the Virginia Tech News weekly student e-mail, and on the Virginia Tech News homepage on a space-available basis. 

If you have questions about Campus Notices, please email us or call 540-231-5396.

March 1, 2012 update: Please note that the Campus Notice form now requires CAPTCHA before submission. Note: The system will require one of the words to be entered correctly, but both words must be entered. Click the icons to the right of where the words appear for a new challenge, audio, or help. 

Submit a Campus Notice

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