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Important information about Virginia Tech email account-targeted phishing scams

To all users of University managed email systems:

Please note that yet another round of "phishing" scam emails have been sent to members of our community. These notes purport to be from legitimate support groups and request that you enter personally identifying information. In recent cases they are seeking passwords, ask for account validation, or request other personal information.

Some emails may contain a clickable link that could be harmful. If you're unsure, don't click the link, check with your IT person instead

Be aware that the IT support organizations at Virginia Tech (and Virginia Tech News) will never send an email regarding your Virginia Tech account, password, or email quota, which also contains a link or an attachment. 

If you receive an email regarding your Virginia Tech email account, password, or email quota, which contains a link or attachment, don't open the attachment or click the link. The email is a phishing attack.

If you have replied to one of these messages recently and provided your password, please change it immediately (either through the portal at or contact 4Help at 231-4357).