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Your donation to the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign will make a difference to those in need

From: Department of Human Resources

For many, the holiday season means lots of family time spent together enjoying food and presents. For many local families; however, that will not be the case.

Currently 157,000 people in Southwest Virginia need help putting food on the table. The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC) helps feed southwest Virginia’s hungry through a network of more than 400 food pantries. Last year more than 239,500 pounds of fresh produce was distributed. The need is great and ever growing.

The CVC gives Virginia Tech employees the opportunity to support more than 1,300 participating charities. At least $0.75 of every dollar donated goes directly to the program services.

“Have a heart, do you part” to help those in need. Donate now using the online pledge system or fill out a paper pledge.

To find how much money has been raised to date, visit the CVC website.

For more information contact Carol Bishop, CVC coordinator, at 540-231-1155.


Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign


Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign