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Course Request, Add/Drop and Force-Add resources

From: University Registrar

Course request

Students are encouraged to sign up for courses during a one-week ‘course request period.’ Students should sift through any desired courses through Hokie SPA ( ) to decide their future classes.

Students can see which courses are being offered and can look up Course Request Numbers (CRN's) – specific class offered - by going to the online Course Timetable ( ). Students may request up to 19 credits of courses for each semester. The course request period for spring courses is usually held during the middle of October, while course request for fall courses is during the middle of March.


Students may drop or add courses to their schedule by using the Drop/Add function in Hokie SPA. For instructions on how to drop or add courses, please go to the Drop/Add help page ( ). The drop/add period opens after students have received their course request results for the coming term.


If you didn’t get a class that you really want/need, Virginia Tech offers "force-add" procedure. Force-add is there for student attempting to get into sections that do not appear to have open seats. Departments can only force-add students into the courses that their own department is teaching, so to request a force-add, you must approach the department teaching the course you want to add. Force add doesn’t guarantee your entry into a course.

For more information contact your advisor or the University Registrar’s office at