From: Offices of Alumni Relations, the University Registrar, and University Relations

All graduating students should be sure to check their record in HokieSpa to update their contact information and preferences. Those students who kept their names and/or contact information confidential during their education should carefully consider whether they wish to remove this preference or leave it in place.

In certain circumstances, students who keep their records confidential may never receive correspondence or hear from their alma mater again. In addition, keeping records confidential puts legal limits on the university’s ability to share information about former students’ time at Virginia Tech. As a result, the university may not be able to verify degree completion to potential employers, will not include students’ names in commencement programs or the online graduates list, and will not mail the Virginia Tech Magazine and other alumni publications and correspondence to former students who have kept their records confidential.

To check your student-record status, log onto HokieSpa and click “Personal Information.” To update your mailing address, click “Update Address(es) and Phone.” If you would like to receive communication at an email address other than your Virginia Tech account, click “Update Alumni Email Address(es).” To check or change your confidentiality status, click “Confidentiality Options” on HokieSpa.

For more information, go to the Office of the University Registrar’s website, email, or call 540-231-6251.

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