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Outreach and International Affairs

Feb 05, 2016 Save Our Towns: A good time to be a small town
Jan 28, 2016 Invasive plant conference in Ethiopia targets 'worst weed of the century'
Jan 12, 2016 Save Our Towns: Mastodons and more make news
Jan 15, 2016 Woods and Wildlife Conference: Bring out the best in your property
Dec 10, 2015 Fulbright scholar studies Japan's policies governing foreign-born caregivers
Dec 04, 2015 Save our Towns: Citizen voices help save a mountain and a town
Dec 09, 2015 Tech-savvy sophomore only student on interdisciplinary water study team in Africa
Dec 03, 2015 Global travel update: Working to keep students and scholars abroad safe
Nov 04, 2015 Old-school coal miner digs up meaning on Save Our Towns, Episode 3
Nov 13, 2015 Michael Bertelsen honored with emeritus status
Oct 19, 2015 Interdisciplinary statistics lab to highlight global outreach efforts as part of World Statistics Day
Oct 21, 2015 Land-atmosphere research station helps Virginia Tech expand capacity to study forests
Oct 13, 2015 Virginia Tech takes 4-H to children in Senegal
Oct 22, 2015 Conference to address military veterans’ reconciliation issues
Sep 30, 2015 Virginia Tech remains one of the world's top universities in Times Higher Education rankings
Oct 06, 2015 Save Our Towns program explores Walmart's effect on two border towns
Sep 23, 2015 Scientist leads charge to combat spread of invasive moth threatening tomato crops
Sep 17, 2015 Virginia Tech ranked in top 10 percent among 3,500 of the world's best universities
Sep 16, 2015 Global Forum for Urban and Regional Resilience hosts visiting scholar from Newcastle University
Sep 10, 2015 Scientists use Virginia Tech-developed tool to create genetic language to program plants
Sep 11, 2015 Inaugural Lifelong Learning Institute at Virginia Tech session open for registration
Sep 02, 2015 Research growth, student opportunities in spotlight at Board of Visitors research session
Sep 04, 2015 New publication helps put those starting a forest products business on the path to success
Aug 28, 2015 Extension and cooperatives to hold 39th annual Forestry and Wildlife Field Tours
Sep 01, 2015 Save Our Towns launches season 2
Sep 02, 2015 Building a silage chopper by Virginia Tech engineers sounds easy, but not if it is for Senegal
Aug 11, 2015 Virginia Tech hosts first in a series of meetings focused on regional economic resilience
Aug 11, 2015 Innovation Lab's work cuts crop losses, helps feed world's population, researchers say
Jul 31, 2015 New insight on how crystals form may advance materials, health, and basic science research
Jul 29, 2015 U.S. Sen. Mark Warner among experts to address symposium on infrastructure resiliency
Aug 25, 2015 Karl Markgraf named associate vice president for international affairs
Aug 03, 2015 Virginia Master Naturalist program welcomes new sponsoring agency
Jul 23, 2015 John McGee receives national award for expanding geospatial education
Jul 28, 2015 Global Education Office names assistant director for global safety and risk management
Jul 21, 2015 Virginia Tech rises 15 places among world's top 1,000 universities
Jul 14, 2015 From Newport News to Haiti, winds farms to the Peace Corps, Outbursts spotlights outreach
Jul 09, 2015 Center for Organizational and Technological Advancement names two new fellows
Jul 21, 2015 Van Crowder named executive director of the Office of International Research, Education, and Development
Aug 05, 2015 Virginia Tech musicians to perform keynote concert at national convention
Jul 08, 2015 Scientists work to help save the Amazon rainforest and its biodiversity
Jul 07, 2015 Program allows for immersive European experience for University Honors students
Jul 02, 2015 Video: New book shows power of the arts to strengthen communities
Jun 25, 2015 Virginia Tech teams with Northrop Grumman for externship program in the National Capital Region
Jun 19, 2015 Summer science sessions train teachers, students
Jun 23, 2015 Economic development office names two specialists
Jun 17, 2015 Student whose village in Nepal was destroyed by earthquake raises money to rebuild
Jun 16, 2015 Video: Research boosts crop yields at home, reduces toxic pesticides worldwide
Jun 12, 2015 Photos: Small science goes global
Jun 18, 2015 Student selected for Fulbright Summer Institute
Jun 22, 2015 Student dives into Japanese language studies and culture through study abroad program
Jun 09, 2015 Program assists in post-earthquake recovery in Nepal
Jun 16, 2015 Virginia Tech’s counselor education program spearheads 'good Samaritan' law
Jun 10, 2015 Photos: Post-quake recovery in Nepal
Jun 02, 2015 Board of Visitors revises intellectual property policy to encourage student, faculty innovation
Jun 03, 2015 University hatches science outreach partnership with Blacksburg High School
Jun 08, 2015 Video: Students carry out 3-D printing with metals and sand, creating complex systems such as 'ant vehicle'
Jun 09, 2015 Video: Professor tells why pressure's on students to smarten up underwater robots
Jun 03, 2015 Video: In search of 'Eureka!' moments, parallel computing speeds the way
May 26, 2015 Summer sessions shines with new courses, internships, and mini sessions
May 26, 2015 Virginia Tech reaping worldwide leadership in energy harvesting
May 26, 2015 Video: Top scientist's materials research puts 'smart buildings' on the grid
May 18, 2015 Successful ecological restoration must meet more robust standards
May 19, 2015 Video: Bats' sonar secrets could make for better submarines, drones
Apr 30, 2015 Virginia Tech ranked among world's most elite universities
Apr 27, 2015 Photos: Annual International Street Fair celebrates community's diversity
May 15, 2015 College of Engineering names Tom Rust its Distinguished Alumnus for 2015
Apr 29, 2015 Jennifer Gagnon receives Virginia Agribusiness Council's Land-Grant University Award
Apr 24, 2015 May 1 forum to focus on 'The Public University in the 21st Century'
Apr 23, 2015 Undergraduates present research on tuberculosis in traveling exhibit
Apr 23, 2015 Economic impact of Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center estimated to be $616 million since 1995
Apr 27, 2015 Virginia Tech welcomes 10 Humphrey Fellows from 8 countries
Apr 23, 2015 Home football games bring $69 million impact, 300 jobs to region
Apr 20, 2015 May conference to focus on science, technology, engineering, math education
Apr 24, 2015 Video: Winning idea emerges in student entrepreneurship challenge
Apr 20, 2015 Virginia Tech gets jump on destructive insect in Nepal
Apr 28, 2015 Feeding the future: Agricultural technology student receives grant to build seed bank in Haiti
Apr 09, 2015 Celebrating a decade of Virginia Master Naturalists
Apr 01, 2015 Geologist leads international research to solve perplexing mystery of continental evolution
Apr 08, 2015 Episode 9 of Save Our Towns explores the downside of coal-based economies
Apr 10, 2015 Student volunteers give 5th graders a taste of college
Apr 01, 2015 Communities can help laid-off workers gain new jobs, workforce study says
Mar 30, 2015 Catawba Sustainability Center could offer economic benefit to local food system, study says
Apr 03, 2015 If you're looking for a vacation, skip the Peace Corps
Mar 27, 2015 Video: New generation of Virginia Tech students boosts town of Buchanan
Apr 15, 2015 Virginia Tech to present autism-friendly children’s concert
Apr 22, 2015 Layne Ricketts receives 2015 Staff Career Achievement Award
Mar 24, 2015 Video: Stormy weather ahead for wind farms?
Mar 11, 2015 Virginia Tech helps grow agricultural industry, increase global trade
Mar 18, 2015 Virginia Tech faculty member shares grant to study gifted rural students
Mar 12, 2015 Language program helps Malaysian teachers speak better English in their classrooms
Mar 03, 2015 Episode 8 of Save Our Towns showcases student work in St. Paul, high-speed internet in Lebanon
Feb 26, 2015 Inclusion coordinators serve as collaborators and conduits for InclusiveVT
Feb 27, 2015 U.S. News ranking names Virginia Tech among Best Global Universities
Feb 24, 2015 Newly renamed Global Education Office broadens mission, adds staff
Feb 18, 2015 Virginia Tech rises in Peace Corps rankings
Feb 18, 2015 Neighbors Growing Together wins national citation
Feb 25, 2015 Theresa Johansson named director of the Global Education Office
Feb 20, 2015 Outbursts: Cheers to the wine industry, engagement, and international success
Feb 10, 2015 Class research on overdose issues leads to proposed "good Samaritan" bill
Feb 12, 2015 Bristol's country music scene shines in Save Our Towns, Episode 7
Apr 16, 2015 Graduate student designs social media site to match young minds with scientific mentors
Feb 06, 2015 Video: Earthquake research in Chile could shake up the field of seismology
Feb 02, 2015 Global Challenge registration deadline is this week
Feb 06, 2015 Chef's mouth-watering recipe wins top prize in U.S. - Canadian culinary competition
Feb 02, 2015 Wine industry workforce center could boost economic development, Virginia Tech study shows
Feb 16, 2015 Sarah Lyon-Hill named economic development specialist in Office of Economic Development
Feb 04, 2015 University program helps workforce in Armenia transition to market economy
Jan 30, 2015 University program spurs change in Senegalese law governing universities
Jan 30, 2015 Dana Cruikshank joins Continuing and Professional Education
Jan 29, 2015 Virginia Tech offers leadership course for early and mid-career scientists and engineers
Jan 21, 2015 Consortium allows expanded language courses
Jan 23, 2015 Online course and conference offered to Virginia forest landowners
Jan 15, 2015 Engineers look into wastewater pollution issues to modernize Caribbean communities
Jan 07, 2015 Chilean delegation visits Virginia Tech to plan collaborative research projects
Jan 07, 2015 Carnegie Foundation touts Virginia Tech's community engagement work
Jan 13, 2015 Save Our Towns, Episode 6, demonstrates the power of resilience
Jan 12, 2015 University awarded $18 million for integrated pest management program in developing countries
Jan 09, 2015 Keith Moore named interim executive director of the Office of International Research, Education, and Development
Jan 14, 2015 Tom Ewing receives National Endowment for Humanities grant to lead summer seminar
Dec 12, 2014 Two hotels, one festive holiday season
Dec 15, 2014 Green building class benefits area high schools, Habitat for Humanity
Dec 16, 2014 Virginia Tech creates digital repository for Kenya law archive
Dec 08, 2014 Lessons from 'Lost Communities' illuminate Save Our Towns, Episode 5
Dec 18, 2014 Language and Culture Institute strengthens universities in Iraqi Kurdistan
Nov 11, 2014 Photos: Masterpieces Revisited
Jan 06, 2015 Graduate students keep interdisciplinary blog active with scholarship and commentary
Nov 19, 2014 Undergraduates in public relations campaigns class mobilize to spotlight health outreach program
Nov 24, 2014 Virginia Tech brings Beth Macy, author of 'Factory Man,' to Blacksburg’s Lyric Theatre
Dec 12, 2014 Virginia Tech strengthens international travel procedures to further safeguard students and faculty
Nov 25, 2014 Hotel helpers: Students gain high-level experience at The Inn at Virginia Tech
Nov 07, 2014 Language and Culture Institute names Sondra Schreiber as student services director
Nov 14, 2014 Mary Parks' mapmaking takes her across the globe
Oct 29, 2014 Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities names Virginia Tech a finalist in economic prosperity competition
Nov 06, 2014 Poetry, St. Paul, pumpkins, and more emerge in Save Our Towns, Episode 4
Nov 06, 2014 Community Design Assistance Center receives award for outstanding landscape beautification
Nov 10, 2014 Abstracts sought for international conference to be held in Roanoke
Oct 27, 2014 Video: Undergraduate studio arts major helps local kids paint the town
Oct 14, 2014 Muni Muniappan wins award for work in tropical agriculture
Oct 17, 2014 Eric L. Moore to oversee testing at Language and Culture Institute
Oct 14, 2014 Winter session experience courses take students beyond Blacksburg
Oct 07, 2014 Save Our Towns, Episode 3, visits Glade Spring
Oct 01, 2014 Virginia Tech and Virginia Cooperative Extension offer workshop on agroforestry practices
Sep 18, 2014 From Peru to Zambia, new study abroad programs tempt students
Sep 16, 2014 Innovation Center at VT, India takes center stage at board of visitors' research briefing
Sep 19, 2014 Saving crops, trees, and even towns, Outbursts covers Virginia Tech outreach monthly
Sep 19, 2014 Video: New executive chef combines down-home hospitality with upscale sophistication
Sep 12, 2014 New e-book connects small business owners with essential information
Sep 11, 2014 Language and Culture Institute's new Fairfax site designed for language learners
Sep 09, 2014 Steam and vacuum wood treatment for pests more efficient, less costly
Sep 03, 2014 Episode Two of Save Our Towns highlights St. Paul, Galax, and student projects on the Clinch River
Aug 22, 2014 Photos: Tackling an Invasive Species
Aug 20, 2014 Video: Virginia Tech students hope parking app will net $25,000 prize
Aug 22, 2014 Speckled beetle key to saving crops in Ethiopia
Aug 15, 2014 Extension and cooperatives to hold 38th annual Forestry and Wildlife Field Tours
Aug 18, 2014 New academic opportunities for students in 2014-15
Sep 05, 2014 Scott Tate named senior specialist in Office of Economic Development
Aug 08, 2014 Students, professors examine ways to improve lives and agriculture in Ecuador
Aug 01, 2014 Save Our Towns launches to mayors in 80 towns and cities
Aug 05, 2014 Cameroon forests, wildlife being preserved by farmers using agroforestry
Jul 23, 2014 New 'Leave No Trace' book is a guide for reducing impacts, from backcountry to backyard
Jul 15, 2014 Save Our Towns project targets Virginia's mayors in Appalachia
Jul 10, 2014 Premier land-grant group grants Virginia Tech's 'economic prosperity' status
Jul 11, 2014 Video: Virginia Tech chef wows the crowd at the Blacksburg Farmers Market
Jun 24, 2014 Virginia Tech renames its primary facility abroad for former President Charles W. Steger
Jun 26, 2014 Chinese forestry scholars tap U.S. research on sustainable outdoor recreation
Jun 19, 2014 New site links agricultural educators worldwide
May 21, 2014 Governor announces the opening of Virginia Tech's research laboratory in India
May 23, 2014 From drones to dirt, women to wasps, Outbursts chronicles university engagement
May 07, 2014 University to partner in Virginia Science Festival
May 15, 2014 Young scientist counts African predators to help save them
May 02, 2014 Virginia Cooperative Extension to commemorate its 100-year anniversary
May 14, 2014 College of Engineering names John Sparks its 2014 Distinguished Alumnus
May 20, 2014 Virginia Issues & Answers explores ethics reform, public-private partnerships, and military and overseas voting
May 08, 2014 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences students engage in service-learning projects in Senegal
May 13, 2014 Creative writing and digital media summer program brings young minds to campus
May 02, 2014 Video: Student entrepreneurs show how to 'invent the future'
May 01, 2014 Join Virginia Tech as it marks Virginia Cooperative Extension's centennial
May 07, 2014 Video: Volunteers work to preserve 'mighty giants' at Catawba Sustainability Center
May 09, 2014 Cranwell International Center to move to Harper Hall
May 06, 2014 University-led workshop in Senegal combats invasive species in the tropics
Apr 22, 2014 Industry leader in Unmanned Aircraft Systems to helm new FAA-approved test site
Apr 17, 2014 Students active in gender and technology conference
Apr 14, 2014 Study of dead wood in old-growth Iranian forest provides information for forest management
Apr 16, 2014 Summit to spotlight STEM programs and partnerships in Southwest Virginia
Apr 11, 2014 National organization honors Virginia high school girls with Aspirations in Computing awards
Apr 10, 2014 Seeding success in India turns coconut dust into gold
Apr 04, 2014 Photos: Seedlings in India
Apr 02, 2014 Scientists study Amazon forests, grasses, fish, fire, water to predict impact of climate change
Apr 01, 2014 American, Chinese scholars undertake study of wintering shorebirds in China
Apr 07, 2014 Language and Culture Institute names assistant director for academics
Apr 03, 2014 Student dinner serves up a mix of languages and cultures
Mar 28, 2014 Partners promote forest farming through online community
Mar 25, 2014 Virginia Urban Agriculture Summit set for mid-April in Lynchburg
Apr 22, 2014 Mike Rosenzweig receives 2014 Alumni Award for Outreach Excellence
Mar 10, 2014 A familiar and stellar cast to headline Civil War Weekend March 14-16
Mar 11, 2014 Virginia Tech hosts national Packaging Jamboree
Mar 14, 2014 Video: Prize-winning Preston's chef shares techniques
Mar 12, 2014 Photo contest offers snapshot of study abroad experiences
Mar 06, 2014 From trade to terrorism, speakers tackle big issues at university forum
Mar 04, 2014 Old-growth forest expert to speak on value of ancient trees
Mar 11, 2014 Video: Roanoke Center training aids police in crime fighting
Feb 27, 2014 Hip-hop artist and former Sudanese child soldier Emmanuel Jal performs as part of Deans' Forum on Global Engagement
Mar 10, 2014 Video: Student employs grant money to help feed the hungry
Feb 25, 2014 Video: Virginia poised to soar into unmanned aircraft production
Feb 12, 2014 Virginia Tech rises in Peace Corps rankings
Feb 14, 2014 Video: A one-minute look at the new chef in Roanoke
Feb 10, 2014 Weather stations installed at Roanoke schools aid research, provide lessons for children
Apr 09, 2014 Passion for Virus Tracker in a Box is contagious for kids who want to learn more about bioscience
Feb 11, 2014 Food desert task force takes aim at hunger in Virginia
Jan 24, 2014 Language and Culture Institute partners with Radford University to open new center
Feb 06, 2014 Video: Scientists work to stop moth from destroying world's tomato crop
Feb 13, 2014 Public forum to explore 'Intellectual Property in the Digital Age' slated for Feb. 27
Jan 22, 2014 Halting crop destruction in India saves up to $309 million
Jan 23, 2014 Online course offered for Virginia forest landowners
Jan 22, 2014 University to host free, international conference on teaching and learning
Jan 17, 2014 Keith Pierce joins Outreach and International Affairs as communications coordinator
Jan 24, 2014 Richmond Center aiding school's turnaround
Jan 07, 2014 Reynolds Homestead gets a dose of revisionist history
Jan 22, 2014 Business training at Roanoke Center improves city services
Jan 13, 2014 Executive master of natural resources student partners with Campbell Soup Company to improve health and nutrition in Camden, N.J.
Mar 21, 2014 U.S., Chinese scientists discuss risk management to enhance trade of genetically modified products
Jan 31, 2014 China-U.S. laboratory dedicated to enhance mussel conservation, pearl production
Dec 13, 2013 Study abroad provides new perspective for undergraduate student Anusha Rizvi
Jan 03, 2014 Photos: Students study animal behavior in the British Isles
Dec 09, 2013 Hotel Roanoke promotes holiday schedule
Dec 03, 2013 December brings festive days and nights to Inn at Virginia Tech
Dec 05, 2013 Saudi students club recognized for outreach and involvement
Nov 22, 2013 2013 Virginia Farm to Table Conference to be held Dec. 4-5 in Weyers Cave
Nov 21, 2013 Inn at Virginia Tech wins two awards
Nov 20, 2013 University-led workshop in Ethiopia combats tomato leafminer
Nov 22, 2013 Theo A. Dillaha honored with emeritus status
Nov 22, 2013 Emily Van Houweling named associate director for Women and Gender in International Development
Nov 15, 2013 Faculty gain insights from Southeast Asia
Oct 25, 2013 Cinematic techniques merge with Web-based storytelling in 'Hollow: An Interactive Video'
Oct 18, 2013 Lynchburg Grows and Virginia Cooperative Extension celebrate Urban Agriculture Month in Virginia
Oct 16, 2013 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and World Food Day share mission to combat world hunger
Oct 04, 2013 VT Engage and Division of Student Affairs will partner to expand service learning and civic engagement opportunities
Nov 12, 2013 VT Engage adds three new staff members
Sep 30, 2013 Language and Culture Institute names assistant director for admissions and recruitment
Sep 13, 2013 Virginia Tech hosts beef cattle reproductive strategies conference in Staunton, Oct. 15-16
Sep 13, 2013 Symposium to cover improvement of agricultural education in developing countries
Sep 09, 2013 Senegalese university presidents to visit Virginia Tech
Aug 30, 2013 P. Buckley Moss appointed a Fellow at Virginia Tech
Sep 05, 2013 Former Hokies star Dwight Vick to speak on Sept. 11 National Day of Service
Oct 02, 2013 Video: Three things the region's young entrepreneurs say they want most
Sep 03, 2013 Former Newport News city manager is new Virginia Tech Fellow
Sep 05, 2013 Extension and cooperatives to hold 37th annual Forestry and Wildlife Field Tours
Sep 06, 2013 Video: Virginia Tech researcher takes eye-opening tour of Malaysia
Sep 25, 2013 Video: Students create anti-poverty tool for use with women in developing nations
Sep 19, 2013 Video: Training for principals promotes better Virginia schools
Aug 27, 2013 New publication launches with focus on five international campuses
Aug 30, 2013 Students volunteering with VT Engage connect with communities
Sep 11, 2013 Undergraduate's Tanzanian library project gains momentum
Aug 20, 2013 Education Abroad fair to feature a world of opportunities
Jul 30, 2013 New short course gets to the heart of high-performance building
Aug 05, 2013 Universities celebrate grand opening in Newport News Aug. 12
Jul 23, 2013 K-12 students learn college is within their reach
Jul 18, 2013 Short course helps ease the transfer of forest land to the next generation
Jul 10, 2013 Engagement Excursions connect faculty with community partners
Jul 18, 2013 Presidential Global Scholars reflect on the impact of education abroad learning experience
Jun 14, 2013 Photos: Public health researcher visits Malaysia
Jun 13, 2013 Video: Guided tour offers look inside historic homestead
Jun 19, 2013 Video: Which hotel has the best bread pudding?
Jun 07, 2013 Trees-to-Products program offers hands-on learning about forestry for educators
May 31, 2013 Four students receive Phi Beta Delta scholarships for study abroad
May 29, 2013 Reduced tuition, diversity of courses, and unique programs entice a record number of students to enroll in summer sessions
May 17, 2013 Students will use summer break to work on winning technological concepts that help deter human trafficking worldwide
May 22, 2013 Conference in Indonesia highlights how biodiversity plays key role in sustainable agriculture programs
May 06, 2013 Photos: Language and Culture Institute packs the park for picnic
May 13, 2013 New workshop offered for beginning beekeepers
May 08, 2013 Graduate profile: Victoria Heath combines international savvy with compassionate service
May 14, 2013 Winners announced in Virginia Tech Education Abroad photo contest
May 15, 2013 Language and Culture Institute welcomes international Humphrey Fellows
May 15, 2013 Photos: Meet the 2013 Humphrey Fellows
May 08, 2013 Graduate profile: Student with global perspective to pursue master's degree in international education
May 13, 2013 Graduate profile: Valerie Hengemuhle to help students have meaningful experience abroad
May 02, 2013 Students recognized for their commitment to civic engagement
May 01, 2013 Kathleen Alexander receives 2013 Alumni Award for Excellence in International Outreach
Jun 14, 2013 Photos: Forage expert helps farmers in Senegal
Apr 24, 2013 Research uses mirrors to make solar energy cost competitive
May 03, 2013 Virginia Cooperative Extension agents receive 2013 Alumni Award for Outreach Excellence (team achievement)
Apr 09, 2013 Honors residential college students expand service-learning efforts to Giles County classrooms
Apr 02, 2013 Guru Ghosh named vice president for Outreach and International Affairs
Apr 11, 2013 Presidential Global Scholars reflect on first half of education abroad learning experience
May 03, 2013 Shannon Jarrott receives 2013 Alumni Award for Outreach Excellence
Apr 05, 2013 University awarded $1.59 million to pursue agricultural research in developing countries
Mar 25, 2013 Conference to create roadmap for contemplative mind body practices
Mar 20, 2013 The Power of Presence drives the 2013 Innovative Leadership Conference
Mar 21, 2013 Entrepreneur program blazes new trail from lab to market
Mar 11, 2013 Vice president for Outreach and International Affairs search committee identifies third candidate for campus interview
Mar 19, 2013 Fifth-graders from across Virginia experience 'Kindergarten to College' program
Mar 21, 2013 Haitian priest discusses ways to empower organizations to create rural wealth
Mar 22, 2013 Students explore faith, service, learning in international immersion experience
Mar 13, 2013 Video: Renovations rev up Hotel Roanoke's Regency Room
Mar 12, 2013 Online, print, broadcast all buzz about Virginia Tech, national ranking results
Feb 28, 2013 Photos: 2012 Photo Contest Winners
Mar 11, 2013 Video: Virginia Tech faculty experts get their hands dirty in Haiti
Mar 06, 2013 Education Abroad launches 2013 Photo Contest
Mar 06, 2013 Virginia Tech, a leader in women pursuing mining engineering education, to host conference
Mar 08, 2013 Y. Thomas Hou elected steering committee chair of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' INFOCOM conference
Feb 25, 2013 University to offer project management courses online and in National Capital Region
Mar 07, 2013 Virginia Tech to host Human-Animal Bond Symposium May 3
Feb 27, 2013 Virginia Tech to host 22nd annual Civil War Weekend March 22 to 24
Feb 20, 2013 Virginia Tech hosts roundtable in partnership with Capital IIT to address energy challenges in U.S. and India
Feb 21, 2013 Students immersed in leadership training rub shoulders with top environmental policymakers
Feb 14, 2013 Three finalists for vice president for Outreach and International Affairs selected for campus interviews
Feb 27, 2013 Students help children in Honduras
Feb 15, 2013 Susan Neu named assistant director for special programs at Language and Culture Institute
Feb 19, 2013 Gov. Bob McDonnell, Charles Steger to speak at annual Governor's Conference on Agriculture Trade
Feb 15, 2013 Living learning community recognized with two awards
Feb 13, 2013 VT Engage announces new grant program
Feb 15, 2013 Mahmood Khan gives keynote at tourism conference on universal values and cultural diversity in the 21st century
Mar 04, 2013 Both sides benefit in surprising ways when students connect with refugees
Feb 01, 2013 Winter conferences on no-till conservation farming set for Feb. 12-15
Jan 30, 2013 National Science Foundation partnership grant expands geospatial education through Virginia's community colleges
Feb 04, 2013 Courses and conferences to address timber sales and theft, sustainable forests, and wildlife management
Jan 23, 2013 U.S. State Department renews Humphrey Fellowship Program
Jan 22, 2013 Online course offered for Virginia forest landowners
Jan 23, 2013 First student completes the Remember-Serve-Learn Initiative
Jan 22, 2013 Video: Virginia Tech students create $5 million building plan for the Reynolds Homestead
Jan 29, 2013 Virginia Tech to host multicultural Latin American music symposium Feb. 22 to 23
Jan 14, 2013 Video: See the newest spot to recharge at Virginia Tech
Jan 11, 2013 Selling Your Timber course offered for Virginia forest landowners
Jan 15, 2013 Woods and Wildlife Conference: Bring out the best in your property
Dec 20, 2012 Virginia Tech's tree app tops at Google Play
Dec 03, 2012 Video: Watch the gingerbread house go up
Dec 05, 2012 Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties licenses augmented reality technology to Allied Minds' PAR Works
Dec 07, 2012 Resolving mountaintop mining will depend upon people who value their jobs and the natural world
Dec 13, 2012 Forest resources department partners to host forest health conference
Dec 12, 2012 University Honors students prepare for the trip of a lifetime to Europe through the Presidential Global Scholars program
Nov 28, 2012 Nov. 29 talk to feature stories from cradle of social activism
Dec 07, 2012 Video: What international students think about studying at the Language and Culture Institute
Nov 21, 2012 Digital tool allows public to see urban tree canopy coverage in neighborhoods
Nov 15, 2012 Virginia Tech to improve agricultural training and education in developing world
Dec 04, 2012 Fourth annual Growers' Academy begins Jan. 22
Nov 09, 2012 'Get On the Bus' program mobilizes Virginia Tech volunteers
Nov 27, 2012 Video: What's next after coal?
Oct 30, 2012 Photos: Center for European Studies and Architecture in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland
Nov 08, 2012 Center for European Studies and Architecture in Switzerland begins expansion, renovation
Nov 06, 2012 Video: Second student-led bridge project thrills a community in Haiti
Oct 31, 2012 'Writing and Reconciliation' brings Sri Lankan scholars to Virginia Tech
Oct 26, 2012 Rich Mathieson joins Language and Culture Institute, Outreach and International Affairs
Oct 26, 2012 Partners collaborate on largest release of endangered mussels in Powell River
Oct 24, 2012 Virginia Tech to offer tax workshops for small- and medium-sized nonprofits through January
Oct 10, 2012 Student leaders plan first Week of Engagement
Oct 24, 2012 Virginia Tech strengthens ties to business, industry in Arlington
Oct 22, 2012 Jessi Preussner named Remember-Serve-Learn Initiative project manager for VT Engage
Oct 19, 2012 Research in sustainable agriculture identifies climate-smart crop at experimental plots in the Philippines
Sep 26, 2012 Virginia Tech, India center to launch solar and windmill research project
Sep 26, 2012 Kids' Tech University launches new program in Abingdon, Va.
Sep 24, 2012 Search committee announced for vice president of Outreach and International Affairs
Sep 20, 2012 Video: Honest, it's Abe touting Virginia Tech's land-grant heritage
Sep 24, 2012 Training wheels come off for Virginia Tech program in Nepal
Oct 31, 2012 Kids' Tech University celebrates new sponsorships
Sep 28, 2012 Virginia Tech research program confirms presence of invasive insect in Senegal
Sep 17, 2012 Virginia Tech expands into Newport News
Sep 24, 2012 Jennifer Carter elected vice president for outreach for Project Management Institute's Washington, D.C., chapter
Sep 04, 2012 Photos: Intergenerational program brings young and old together
Sep 27, 2012 No 'Kitchen Nightmares' but plenty of changes at palate-tempting Preston's
Sep 18, 2012 University, landowners work to resurrect a vanishing bird in Catawba
Sep 03, 2012 Photos: Students in Ecuador
Aug 30, 2012 Majors Fair allows students to explore opportunities for new majors or minors
Sep 06, 2012 Next generation of STEM leaders completes summer program at Army laboratory
Aug 27, 2012 Video: Engineering students 'doctor' a hospital's operating suite
Aug 28, 2012 New bioengineering kit available through Fralin Life Science Institute's Biotech-in-a-Box program
Sep 04, 2012 Undergraduate researchers study poison dart frogs and more in Ecuadorian jungle
Aug 17, 2012 Virginia Tech researchers offer aid after Virginia earthquake
Aug 09, 2012 Josh Nease named director of Catawba Sustainability Center
Aug 08, 2012 Virginia Tech cosponsors Catawba Farm Fest music event Aug. 31
Aug 01, 2012 Marc Edwards wins public interest award for research into water safety
Aug 06, 2012 Video: Nailing the art of the handshake
Jul 19, 2012 Video: Virginia Tech grad student has unusual job
Jul 24, 2012 Team of students and faculty designs product to increase childhood immunization rates in developing countries
Jul 23, 2012 Virginia Tech awarded $1.85 million grant for educational outreach programs
Jul 23, 2012 Virginia Tech partners with U.S. Cyber Challenge in regional summer camp and competition
Jul 12, 2012 University Honors students encourage others to apply for next Presidential Global Scholars program
Jul 06, 2012 Virginia Tech co-organizes symposium to address plant virus diseases in the developing world
Jun 29, 2012 Virginia Tech teaches high school students to become digital storytellers
Jul 11, 2012 Office of Economic Development adds Jennifer Shand Pitzer to staff
Jun 14, 2012 Video: Graduate students demonstrate economic value of trails in Southwest Virginia
Jun 13, 2012 Actively Caring for People helps Chardon High School community heal
Jun 06, 2012 Virginia's open access fiber network lights up bandwidth boost to Giles and Craig counties
Jun 07, 2012 Upward Bound/Talent Search names new director
Jun 04, 2012 College of Natural Resources and Environment partners with Primland for naturalist course
Jun 05, 2012 Moments of peace embedded in hard work
May 18, 2012 Virginia Tech students receive Cabell Brand Center 2012 scholarships
May 18, 2012 University alive with summer programs, cultural events
May 22, 2012 Preston's launches Wine Society
May 16, 2012 Virginia View offers geospatial technology workshops to educators
May 15, 2012 Virginia Tech offers creative writing and digital media summer camp
May 08, 2012 Virginia Tech students' pay-it-forward movement travels worldwide
May 09, 2012 Undergraduate honored with New River Valley Leading Lights award
May 10, 2012 Pamplin students develop website to help Sudanese women in Roanoke sell their handmade goods
May 08, 2012 Center releases Stories of Engagement online
Apr 30, 2012 Green building ideas subject of Roanoke conference
Apr 20, 2012 Exchange program with Malawi, Zambia seeks to improve public health practices
Apr 23, 2012 High school students honored for learning computer science
Apr 25, 2012 Dini M. Miller receives 2012 Alumni Award for Excellence in Extension
Apr 25, 2012 Scott Jessee receives 2012 Alumni Award for Excellence in Extension
Apr 25, 2012 Carl Zipper receives 2012 Alumni Award for Outreach Excellence
Apr 17, 2012 Virginia Cooperative Extension, City of Roanoke to host '2012 Innovative Leadership Conference: Guiding the Force of Change'
Apr 27, 2012 Young scholars to be honored at Virginia Tech Talent Search banquet May 24
Apr 16, 2012 Kentland Community Heritage Festival scheduled for April 21
Apr 18, 2012 'Gender, Bodies & Technology' conference attracts international participation
Apr 11, 2012 Joint WVU-Virginia Tech symposium to explore energy issues
Apr 13, 2012 Virginia Tech participates in Northern Virginia Technology Council event to explore university and business partnerships
Apr 12, 2012 Craig Ramey to present 'Democracy, employment, and civility: The crisis in early childhood supports' in Community Voices lecture April 19
Apr 09, 2012 Celebrate Ut Prosim month with focus on peace building and partnership
Apr 24, 2012 Akshay Sharma receives 2012 Alumni Award for Excellence in International Outreach
Apr 05, 2012 Technology Expo to show off inventions of the future from Virginia Tech and the Roanoke Valley
Apr 06, 2012 Museum's 'Second Saturday Science' program to showcase exhibitions from the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology
Apr 09, 2012 Bioscience and investor conference expands reach
Apr 06, 2012 Video: Virginia Tech center helps motorcycle mom launch art career
Apr 03, 2012 Virginia Tech makes national service honor roll
Mar 28, 2012 S.K. De Datta honored with emeritus status
Mar 23, 2012 Kathleen Alexander's work in Botswana attracts attention of U.S. ambassador
Mar 23, 2012 Technology entrepreneur talks community and innovation at the Lyric Theatre
Mar 13, 2012 Astrophysicist Evalyn Gates to present public lecture on dark matter and dark energy
Mar 13, 2012 Award-winning dining and accommodations await Virginia Tech and Hotel Roanoke conference-goers
Mar 26, 2012 From Africa to Europe, Virginia Tech students take their education abroad
Mar 02, 2012 Virginia Farm to Table Plan now available
Mar 25, 2012 Photos: Brittany Gianetti and Katherine Lodge work with refugees
Feb 24, 2012 Jerome 'Jerry' Niles named interim vice president for Outreach and International Affairs
Feb 28, 2012 College Fair March 24 assembles reps from two dozen institutions of higher learning
Feb 23, 2012 Sustainable development entrepreneur comes to the Lyric Theatre
Feb 29, 2012 Virginia Tech event to focus on female scientists' challenges and successes
Feb 28, 2012 Graduate students in urban affairs and planning conduct study for Capital Bikeshare
Feb 21, 2012 Virginia Tech collects books to restock South Sudan's universities' libraries
Feb 17, 2012 Engagement Academy for University Leaders announces new faculty member
Feb 14, 2012 Growers Academy helps put Somali Bantu refugees on solid ground
Feb 15, 2012 New course helps companies build coaching competencies
Feb 13, 2012 Virginia Tech receives funding for middle school STEM programs
Feb 09, 2012 Video: Students learn the art of counseling in newly renovated Roanoke space
Feb 09, 2012 Shane Ross garners CAREER Award to advance understanding of fluid flows, from blood inside the body to oil spills in bodies of water
Feb 07, 2012 Virginia Tech Research Center -- Arlington launches Leaders in Science and Technology Seminar Series on Feb. 21
Feb 02, 2012 Consumer Reports' top executive to speak at Virginia Tech
Feb 01, 2012 Export trade conference to be held in March
Feb 06, 2012 Students mobilize to serve on Martin Luther King Jr. holiday
Feb 07, 2012 Gifted students from Saudi Arabia study science in Blacksburg
Feb 08, 2012 Afroze Mohammed joins Virginia Tech to build strategic business alliances in the National Capital Region
Jan 12, 2012 Virginia Tech to host energy harvesting summit with goal of spurring job growth
Jan 20, 2012 Executive Chef Jason Smith brings fresh perspective to Preston's
Jan 15, 2012 Photos: SERVE Living Learning Community
Jan 10, 2012 Virginia Tech's Upward Bound director retires after 30 years
Jan 11, 2012 Science magazine editor-in-chief to speak at upcoming Humboldt Kolleg
Jan 10, 2012 Kathleen Alexander receives NSF grant to research human-animal linkage in water quality
Jan 12, 2012 SERVE starts student-led weekend service immersion trips
Jan 05, 2012 Virginia Tech's International Peace Garden seeks caretakers
Dec 20, 2011 Virginia Tech launches new program focused on regional economic development
Dec 19, 2011 Science Museum of Western Virginia names executive director
Dec 16, 2011 Virginia Tech's Continuing and Professional Education names new director
Dec 14, 2011 Reynolds Homestead gains help of expert team to improve care of its collections
Dec 13, 2011 Language and Culture Institute names Bryan Ducote business manager
Dec 15, 2011 Jennifer Carter and Faren McNabb on board at Virginia Tech Research Center — Arlington
Nov 29, 2011 In memoriam: Peter W. Kipp, former general manager of Donaldson Brown Hotel and Conference Center
Nov 30, 2011 Gary Kirk named director of Center for Student Engagement and Community Partnerships
Nov 22, 2011 Inn at Virginia Tech to remain open throughout December
Nov 23, 2011 Community Voices series tackles the changing landscape of community news
Nov 28, 2011 Virginia Tech begins search for vice president for outreach and international affairs
Nov 16, 2011 VT KnowledgeWorks announces merger and expansion
Nov 28, 2011 MLK Day Care Facelift initiates independent service project
Nov 17, 2011 iCAN supports local hunger relief organizations
Nov 15, 2011 VT Navigate maps university's presence, projects throughout the world
Nov 07, 2011 Video: Virginia Tech gives voice to children 'aging out' of foster care
Nov 09, 2011 Virginia Tech takes part in Robert Wood Johnson Foundation two-year community health grant
Nov 16, 2011 Bats show ability to change their ear shapes, making their hearing more flexible
Nov 01, 2011 Family's quest to learn about Lady Astor Rose takes them to Institute for Advanced Learning and Research
Nov 02, 2011 Video: Aldo Leopold's legacy inspires holistic stewardship of land
Oct 24, 2011 Changes coming at the Virginia Tech Foundation: Raymond D. Smoot Jr. to step down; John E. Dooley to become chief executive officer
Oct 27, 2011 Virginia Tech Language and Culture Institute expands, adds new programs and staff
Oct 24, 2011 Computer scientists at Virginia Tech focus on increasing female enrollment
Oct 17, 2011 Virginia Tech cybersecurity breakthrough keeps sensitive data confined in physical space, engineering team says
Oct 17, 2011 Video: Potential top-secret research applications intrigue defense-oriented Virginia Tech alums
Oct 18, 2011 Community Voices series will focus on older youth aging out of the foster care system
Nov 10, 2011 Virginia Tech's Office of Economic Development receives $500,000 grant
Oct 13, 2011 Video: Virginia Tech economic development team helps improve a D.C. neighborhood
Oct 13, 2011 Virginia Tech students develop history book for Montgomery County fifth-graders
Oct 11, 2011 Video: From Tanzania to Thailand, Virginia Tech students learn about study abroad programs
Oct 05, 2011 International meeting focuses on successful public-private partnerships in advanced manufacturing
Oct 05, 2011 Potatoes and Virginia Tech students at 9,000 feet
Oct 06, 2011 Proposals requested for Junior Solar Sprint program
Oct 12, 2011 University's Center for 21st Century Studies includes nomadic study-abroad experience
Sep 16, 2011 Virginia Tech Museum of Geosciences adds OmniGlobe
Sep 20, 2011 Video: Preston's unveils new private-label wines
Sep 16, 2011 Sustainability Week kicks off Sept. 18
Sep 09, 2011 Robert Smith appointed to forest research council
Sep 14, 2011 International Plant Protection Sciences organization confers award on Virginia Tech's S. K. De Datta
Aug 31, 2011 Virginia Tech Research Center -- Arlington announces visual design competition
Sep 05, 2011 Susan Short named associate vice president for engagement
Aug 30, 2011 Post Hurricane Irene Tuesday update: Loss of power continues to affect operations
Aug 25, 2011 Laura W. Fornash appointed commonwealth's Secretary of Education
Sep 14, 2011 SERVE welcomes its largest class for the 2011-2012 school year
Sep 13, 2011 Canned food sculpture competition will benefit local hunger relief organizations
Aug 23, 2011 Department of Physics awarded grant to establish unique physics program
Sep 08, 2011 Travis W. Twiford honored with emeritus status
Aug 05, 2011 Center for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems to host international conference in Roanoke
Aug 09, 2011 Video: Virginia Tech Humphrey Fellows celebrate leadership studies and language skills
Aug 15, 2011 Virginia Tech researcher awarded $1.76 million grant to continue research on education and human development data systems
Aug 02, 2011 Video: Teachers enjoy science and math training at Virginia Tech's Southwest Center
Jul 27, 2011 Virginia Tech research magazine reports on hate speech, visualizing goals, harvesting energy from vibrations
Jul 26, 2011 Talent Search program at Virginia Tech wins new round of funding
Jul 20, 2011 Melissa Georges joins The Inn at Virginia Tech as sales manager
Aug 01, 2011 Photos: Potato research in the Andes
Jul 07, 2011 Max Kiebach named new food and beverage director at The Inn at Virginia Tech
Jul 07, 2011 Primland celebrates Virginia Tech partnership with Tree House to Trails weekend
Jun 29, 2011 Virginia Tech Research Center — Arlington opens to expand capability for scientific inquiry, extend university footprint in National Capital Region
Jul 05, 2011 Preston's new dinner menu ramps up quality with focus on local supplies, fresh ingredients
Jun 24, 2011 Video: Economic developers take a closer look at Virginia Tech's research assets
Jun 22, 2011 New herb garden spices up Preston's cuisine
Jul 11, 2011 Derek Hyra named to U.S. Small Business Administration advisory council on underserved communities
Jun 20, 2011 U.S. State Department awards Fulbright Scholarship to Virginia Tech alumna
Jun 23, 2011 Adrian Ares named program director for international agriculture program
Jun 08, 2011 S.K. De Datta announces retirement
Jun 08, 2011 Virginia Cooperative Extension debuts new website, Shaping Extension's Future
May 26, 2011 Virginia Tech's student-run Relay For Life raises more than $600,000 for American Cancer Society
Jun 01, 2011 Senior awarded international scholarship to study in Peru
May 23, 2011 Virginia Tech to host summer institute for senior scholars
May 19, 2011 Virginia Tech welcomes 2011 Humphrey Fellows
Jun 02, 2011 Public administration and policy professor, graduate students work with Wikipedia to inform public knowledge of U.S. government
May 12, 2011 Virginia Tech, Virginia Cooperative Extension, and Virginia Beginning Farmer and Rancher Coalition seek participants for educational need survey
May 18, 2011 Pamplin students explore international business and culture this summer
May 13, 2011 Young scholars to be honored at Virginia Tech Talent Search banquet May 26
May 06, 2011 Virginia Cooperative Extension to co-host Economic Resources for Rural Virginia forums, May 19 and June 7
May 09, 2011 Virginia Tech names new associate vice president for international affairs
May 02, 2011 National Science Foundation ranks Virginia Tech No. 5 for agricultural sciences
May 06, 2011 Video: Virginia Tech students unite Haitian communities across a dangerous river
Apr 25, 2011 Virginia Tech Office of Economic Development brings grant money to Southwest Virginia companies
May 12, 2011 Refugee resettlement project wins Governor's volunteerism award
May 04, 2011 Virginia Tech seeks Upward Bound/Talent Search alums for reunion
Apr 27, 2011 Campus residents live out university motto volunteering with service corps
Apr 22, 2011 Video: Arab Fest at Virginia Tech celebrates Mideast culture, life of Reema Samaha
Apr 26, 2011 Video: Virginia Tech 'green' institute schools public administrators
Apr 29, 2011 Lisa Saul receives 2011 President's Award for Excellence
Apr 29, 2011 Daniela Doninelli receives 2011 President's Award for Excellence
Apr 20, 2011 Linda F. Tegarden receives 2011 Alumni Award for Outreach Excellence
Apr 20, 2011 Richard E. Wokutch receives 2011 Alumni Award for Excellence in International Research
Apr 19, 2011 Charles Taylor receives 2011 Alumni Award for Excellence in International Outreach
Apr 19, 2011 Sedki M. Riad receives 2011 Alumni Award for Excellence in International Education
Apr 12, 2011 Veterinary college offers free eye exams to service dogs
Apr 14, 2011 Virginia Cooperative Extension hosts 2011 Innovative Leadership Conference: Partnerships & Collaborations
Apr 11, 2011 Virginia Tech, partners to sponsor community events for Week of the Young Child
Apr 08, 2011 Video: Community college student lands job at Breakell via green jobs grant
Apr 04, 2011 Ut Prosim Month highlights community service
Apr 07, 2011 Boy Scouts and Hokies plan day full of education and sports on April 9
Apr 12, 2011 Graduate students in urban affairs and planning master's program present economic development plan at King George County meeting
Mar 28, 2011 Leaders in theater and conservation efforts named as 2011 Community Voices speakers
Mar 25, 2011 Open-source software designed to minimize synthetic biology risks is released
Mar 23, 2011 Virginia Tech Transportation Institute creates 'Driving Healthy' resource network to aid commercial vehicle drivers
Mar 15, 2011 Inn at Virginia Tech gets new general manager
Mar 21, 2011 Virginia Tech Applied Research Corporation names Northern Virginia chief of staff
Mar 18, 2011 Virginia Tech names new assistant director for the Center for Student Engagement and Community Partnerships
Mar 10, 2011 Share your photos from your '32 for 32' service project
Mar 08, 2011 Virginia Tech conference commemorates Civil War
Mar 07, 2011 University receives award to improve rural roads in Ethiopia
Mar 04, 2011 Virginia Tech Applied Research Corporation hires director of Blacksburg operations
Feb 25, 2011 Kay Dunkley named director of Virginia Tech Roanoke Center
Feb 22, 2011 Community Voices: Anthony Flaccavento to speak on renewing the American dream
Feb 24, 2011 Video: Peer coaching can help with life's decisions, Virginia Tech workshop shows
Feb 15, 2011 Bruce Lawlor lauds freedom fighter Adam Michnik at award ceremony in Prague
Feb 24, 2011 Students inspire local high-schoolers to seek college education with Upward Bound and Talent Search
Feb 11, 2011 New Virginia Tech, Science Museum of Western Virginia partnership to enhance community-based science education
Feb 11, 2011 Mathematics teachers learn to inspire students by encouraging pattern hunting
Feb 04, 2011 Photos: Bridge for Ti Péligre
Feb 11, 2011 Biological Sciences recognized as 'most engaged department' of 2011
Feb 14, 2011 '32 for 32' service project honors lives lost on April 16 and their commitment to helping others
Feb 10, 2011 Ron Masri, Virginia Tech Upward Bound alumnus, to speak at National Trio Day
Feb 07, 2011 University scientist discovers presence of insect pest in Indonesia
Feb 09, 2011 Pioneer of service-learning movement featured at national conference
Feb 04, 2011 Third annual international trade workshop scheduled for March 16 and 17
Feb 03, 2011 Eric Miller named Virginia Tech's program director for Education Abroad
Feb 02, 2011 Virginia Tech student celebrates striking success of ‘re-cycled’ bike trips
Jan 14, 2011 Virginia Tech students sponsor food drive on Martin Luther King Jr. Day to help local food pantries
Jan 26, 2011 Chamber orchestra tour blends young musicians from China, Virginia
Jan 19, 2011 Virginia Tech, community volunteers to come together for annual Martin Luther King Daycare Facelift Project Saturday, additional volunteers still needed
Jan 05, 2011 Deadline is Feb. 8 for transportation equipment manufacturing companies to seek grant money
Mar 18, 2011 Virginia Tech awarded $1.47 million to lead agriculture program in Southern Sudan
Jan 11, 2011 A young architect works to transform his hometown in Saudi Arabia
Jan 12, 2011 Haitians earn degrees through Virginia Tech internship
Jan 12, 2011 USDA supports beginning farmer education at Virginia Tech
Dec 20, 2010 Science magazine features sustainability in the Caribbean
Dec 20, 2010 Video: Virginia Tech students unleash creativity to create big plans for the Catawba Sustainability Center
Dec 15, 2010 Derek Hyra studies neighborhood revitalization in our nation's capital
Dec 08, 2010 Regional notification feature now allows VT Alerts messages to be targeted to six regions across commonwealth
Dec 15, 2010 Virginia Tech graduate students suggest green ideas for a small community
Dec 13, 2010 Back to the earth in Haiti -- Virginia Tech team improves soils
Dec 07, 2010 Undergraduate Melanie C. Kiernan receives North Carolina community impact student award
Dec 08, 2010 Virginia Tech announces agreement with Benchmark Hospitality International to operate The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center
Dec 07, 2010 New creative learning academy for senior scholars to hold open house
Dec 03, 2010 Art bridges a culture: From Blacksburg to the diaspora of Tibet
Dec 03, 2010 Kids' Tech University returns to campus with spring semester program
Dec 06, 2010 Virginia Tech's student-run Relay For Life program wins national award for cancer research fundraising
Dec 02, 2010 Virginia Tech conference on community resiliency strives to bridge gap between scientists, practitioners
Nov 16, 2010 Photos: Catawba Sustainability Center - Planting Day
Nov 24, 2010 Continuing and Professional Education's on-campus collaborations yield $17.2 million grant
Nov 16, 2010 Internationally recognized researcher Dennis Dean advances life science research at Virginia Tech and life science education across the state
Nov 18, 2010 Executive Chef Chad Brodkin stirs things up at The Inn at Virginia Tech
Nov 12, 2010 Food security in Indonesia focus of new pest management project
Oct 29, 2010 Virginia Tech awarded $3.8 million to stimulate eastern U.S. wine industry
Nov 09, 2010 Veterinary students study food systems, agricultural production in summer course in Italy
Nov 03, 2010 Virginia Tech to host symposium on peace and violence prevention
Oct 14, 2010 Ramsey Clark to give peace talk at Virginia Tech
Oct 07, 2010 Virginia Cooperative Extension announces plan to restructure
Oct 12, 2010 Developing more scientists, engineers is goal of $17 million U.S. Army grant to Virginia Tech
Oct 05, 2010 Violence-prevention summit at Virginia Tech tackles bullying, gender-based violence, more
Oct 04, 2010 Have a blast during Earth Science Week
Oct 21, 2010 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute joins nation’s leading science organizations at the USA Science & Engineering Festival
Oct 28, 2010 Virginia Tech history professor to serve two-year Oxford appointment
Sep 30, 2010 Job creation is goal of Virginia Tech project with transportation-related sector in Southwest Virginia
Sep 28, 2010 Findings from Virginia Tech-led study help Wounded Warrior Program increase services to veterans
Oct 05, 2010 Educational Technology Leadership Conference for Virginia starts in Roanoke Nov. 30
Oct 04, 2010 Video: Leaf Trail opens at the Reynolds Homestead, a Virginia Tech commonwealth campus center
Sep 22, 2010 Local Food, Global Hunger three-day event to be held at Virginia Tech
Sep 30, 2010 Susan Short to head Outreach Program Development, Jeri Childers named Center for Organizational and Technological Advancement Fellow
Sep 15, 2010 Virginia Tech partners in Clinch River endangered mussel release
Sep 09, 2010 2010 University Exemplary Department Award honors chemical engineering, entomology, and mechanical engineering
Sep 21, 2010 Urban folk band the Jen Chapin Trio concert headlines weekend of world hunger activism at Virginia Tech
Sep 20, 2010 Volunteers needed for Virginia Tech’s Fall Day of Service to help Haiti’s earthquake victims
Sep 23, 2010 Reynolds Homestead receives national Big Read grant
Sep 27, 2010 Graduate program offers unique view of global higher education
Sep 01, 2010 New university workshops feature emerging technologies
Sep 13, 2010 Virginia Tech receives $28 million for program in Senegal as part of Feed the Future initiative
Aug 31, 2010 Executive MBAs visit high-growth companies in Europe
Aug 30, 2010 Virginia Tech, Community College System, and Virginia Space Grant Consortium develop geospatial Web portal
Sep 03, 2010 University's Upward Bound students perform day of service at the Reynolds Homestead
Aug 05, 2010 Virginia Tech and GM announce creation of the National Tire Research Center in Southside, Virginia
Aug 24, 2010 College of Natural Resources and Environment's Thomas R. Fox awarded Fulbright to Chile
Aug 27, 2010 The Virginia Bioinformatics Institute's summer student research opportunities help train the scientists of tomorrow
Aug 10, 2010 AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers tackle a year of work in Southwest Virginia
Aug 02, 2010 Symposium on Blue Ridge Parkway to honor its 75th anniversary
Jul 29, 2010 Matheson brothers share their love for music
Jul 28, 2010 Get your copy of new local foods directory from VT EarthWorks
Jul 27, 2010 Google awards full graduate scholarships to Haitian computer science students
Jul 22, 2010 Video: From Figaro to Phantom, young performers grace the stage
Jul 13, 2010 Office of Economic Development spearheads team that lands $4.7 million grant
Jul 12, 2010 Reynolds Homestead Tobacco Barn Reconstruction
Jul 07, 2010 Viva Virginia
Jul 08, 2010 University names interim director of Office of Economic Development
Jun 25, 2010 Video: Viva Virginia hits high notes for music lovers in Blacksburg
Jun 29, 2010 Djavad Salehi-Isfahani receives College of Science Outreach Award
Jun 24, 2010 Lisa Martin of Reynolds Homestead wins arts award
Jun 17, 2010 Graduate student Emily Barry will use Boren Fellowship for human services work in Sri Lanka
Jun 15, 2010 Undergraduate student Rose Filippell awarded Boren Scholarship for international study
Jun 11, 2010 Pamplin students explore international business and culture this summer
Jun 07, 2010 University helps Haitian college seniors complete their degrees
Jun 04, 2010 Young Talent Search Students of the Year honored
Jun 02, 2010 Works by Mozart, Verdi, Puccini to highlight international music festival at Virginia Tech
May 20, 2010 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, partners receive $1.45 million award for plant protection in developing countries
May 17, 2010 ACC grant to help fund Virginia Tech student research focused on global security in Europe
May 13, 2010 Viva Virginia festival to bring opera, chamber music to Virginia Tech this June
May 06, 2010 Association of Public and Land-grant Universities honors Charles W. Steger with 2010 Michael P. Malone International Leadership Award
May 18, 2010 Growers Academy helps farmers, growers break new ground
May 04, 2010 Provost announces VT Haiti Intern Program
May 04, 2010 Center for Student Engagement and Community Partnerships joins with area organization to tackle hunger in the New River Valley
May 06, 2010 Mary Kasarda receives 2010 Alumni Award for Outreach Excellence
May 05, 2010 Mary Marchant receives 2010 Alumni Award for Excellence in International Research
May 05, 2010 A.L. (Tom) Hammett receives 2010 Alumni Award for Excellence in International Education
Apr 29, 2010 Humphrey Fellows visit Virginia Tech, learn English language, Blacksburg culture
May 10, 2010 Graduate student awarded Fulbright Grant
Apr 21, 2010 Virginia Tech signs memorandum of understanding with university in Ireland
Apr 27, 2010 Students contribute to whole-farm agroforestry planning in Catawba and North Fork valleys
Apr 15, 2010 Academic and inspirational events planned for Virginia Tech's 2010 Day of Remembrance
Apr 21, 2010 University students help town of Floyd reinvent itself
Apr 15, 2010 Students, Blacksburg merchants team up for April 24 tailgate to raise money for Haiti
Apr 08, 2010 Global Dialogue to explore ways of transforming communities
Apr 08, 2010 Haitian ambassador Raymond Joseph to visit Virginia Tech April 15 and 16
Mar 22, 2010 Doctoral student's dissertation about African girls' issues earns special recognition
Mar 15, 2010 Workshops offered on 'lean thinking' concepts in the wood products industry
Mar 19, 2010 Venture Outdoors Program offered on management options for timberland
Mar 17, 2010 Two professors direct food security research
Mar 17, 2010 Green home building workshop offered for homeowners, construction specialists
Mar 15, 2010 Autism spectrum disorders strategies, resources offered for families, educators, and professionals, March 24 and 25 in Abingdon
Mar 12, 2010 Hokies Helping Haiti T-shirts go on sale to help earthquake disaster victims
Mar 08, 2010 Virginia Tech plans high tech international campus in India
Mar 05, 2010 Can Virginia Tech students be tempted to travel? Expo touts benefits of education abroad
Mar 01, 2010 CommunityArtsWork announces call for entries
Mar 03, 2010 Governor's School students experience multidisciplinary research in a whole new way
Feb 26, 2010 Big Build kicks off construction of an affordable green home for Pulaski family
Feb 24, 2010 Virginia Tech international music festival to feature opera, chamber music
Feb 24, 2010 Researchers engage communities to support women in information technology careers
Feb 22, 2010 Space still available in energy harvesting workshop
Feb 17, 2010 University celebrates National TRIO Day with one-man play recounting lives of slaves
Feb 11, 2010 Virginia Tech Foundation receives $5.54 million grant from federal Broadband Technology Opportunities Program
Feb 08, 2010 Panel of Virginia Tech scholars discusses hope, challenges ahead in Haiti
Feb 01, 2010 Second annual international trade workshop will focus on agriculture, March 3-4
Jan 25, 2010 University community steps up donation efforts through Hokies Helping Haiti
Jan 20, 2010 University volunteers team up to paint, repair 20 daycare centers
Jan 20, 2010 University spearheads $3.8 million jobs-creation effort
Jan 11, 2010 University awarded $2.5 million from U.S. Agency for International Development Mali mission
Jan 08, 2010 Outreach and International Affairs names new communications manager
Jan 05, 2010 College of Engineering team to build battlefield robots for 2010 competition
Dec 02, 2009 James Dubinsky receives two top honors from Association for Business Communication
Nov 04, 2009 Governor's Conference for STEM Education set for Nov. 15-16 in Roanoke
Nov 05, 2009 Doctoral student reaches out to area refugee girls with after-school program
Oct 26, 2009 Professors learn about higher education needs in Iraq during visit
Oct 12, 2009 Researcher for Virginia Tech program wins Nobel Prize
Oct 13, 2009 Office of International Research, Education, and Development garners $30 million from U.S. Agency for International Development for two global projects
Oct 07, 2009 Office of International Affairs sponsors World Food Day telecast, canned food drive
Oct 12, 2009 New phase of high school-university research partnership funded by National Institutes of Health
Oct 02, 2009 Study shows major economic impact of higher education
Oct 01, 2009 Outreach Now highlights ways Virginia Tech works locally and globally
Sep 28, 2009 Researcher looks for answers about unique disease-resistant gene
Sep 16, 2009 Nano-Bio convergence conference set for Oct. 14-15 in Roanoke
Sep 15, 2009 University scientist plays key role in saving the livelihoods of papaya farmers in Sri Lanka
Sep 09, 2009 Virginia Tech students publish online magazine about their summer study abroad
Sep 01, 2009 Father of India's Green Revolution to speak at Virginia Tech
Sep 02, 2009 Education Abroad Fair set for Sept. 23 on Virginia Tech Drillfield
Aug 11, 2009 Algebra adds value to mathematical biology education
Jul 31, 2009 University program empowers women through gender workshop in Mali
Jul 17, 2009 Reynolds Homestead exhibition highlights history of tobacco
Jun 26, 2009 Strong Roots conference aimed at helping families with special needs children
Jun 19, 2009 University scientists warn Asia of widespread invasive pest threat
May 08, 2009 Virginia Tech Union donates stuffed animals to NRV Cares
May 08, 2009 University's award-winning Engagement Academy for University Leaders to be held in June
May 05, 2009 Urban planning, architecture, landscape architecture projects underway for Roanoke
May 07, 2009 University wins highly competitive planning grant to develop partnership with universities in Africa
May 01, 2009 Virginia Institute for Performance Engineering and Research attracts celebrity rocker's Green Car Team
Nov 18, 2009 Virginia Tech, Costa Rica Institute of Technology sign memorandum of understanding for delivering distance education courses
Apr 16, 2009 Global pest management program wins international award
Apr 20, 2009 Hospitality and tourism management professor receives Fulbright to teach in India
Apr 20, 2009 Debbie Francis receives 2009 President's Award for Excellence
Mar 30, 2009 International peace leader Greg Mortenson to speak at Virginia Tech April 15
Mar 31, 2009 Paul Farmer to speak on campus
Mar 23, 2009 Hospitality industry veteran to lead workshop on boosting sales and business
Mar 17, 2009 Indian Institutes of Technology official to speak at Virginia Tech
Mar 06, 2009 Call for Abstracts for "Glory Days: A Bruce Springsteen Symposium"
Mar 02, 2009 University partnerships from Southside to Indonesia are featured in Outreach Now
Feb 23, 2009 Andrea Christine Todd named Language and Culture Institute associate director
Feb 20, 2009 Roanoke recruiting creative community planners from Virginia Tech and the New River Valley
Feb 17, 2009 University's Language and Culture Institute to open second program in National Capital Region
Feb 13, 2009 Certificate program in meeting and event planning to be offered spring 2009
Feb 03, 2009 President of Technische Universitat Darmstadt visits Virginia Tech, Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
Jan 16, 2009 VT-ENGAGE, Center for Student Engagement and Community Partnerships plan Martin Luther King Jr. Day childcare service project
Dec 29, 2008 E. Thomas Ewing receives Alumni Award for Outreach Excellence
Dec 29, 2008 Glenda Snyder receives Alumni Award for Excellence in International Outreach
Nov 26, 2008 Energy Harvesting Research and Applications Forum set for Jan. 28-29
Nov 21, 2008 Researchers awarded $2.4 million to engage females in information technology careers
Nov 11, 2008 University awarded grant to improve food security in Africa
Nov 03, 2008 University names program director for education abroad
Oct 29, 2008 Latest in classroom technologies will be explored Dec. 10-12 at the Hotel Roanoke
Oct 21, 2008 Office of Economic Development to use $525,000 grant to bring better jobs to Southwest and Southside Virginia
Oct 10, 2008 Virginia Tech hosts Society of Environmental Journalists conference Oct. 15-19
Oct 09, 2008 Invasive papaya pest discovered by Virginia Tech team in Asia
Oct 07, 2008 New River Valley linked to world's most advanced network
Sep 30, 2008 University sponsors Collaborating for Student Success: The Inclusive School Conference
Sep 10, 2008 University creates new Center for Student Engagement and Community Partnerships, names founding director
Aug 21, 2008 Certificate program in meeting and event planning to be offered spring 2009
Aug 12, 2008 Institute for Advanced Learning and Research names new executive director
Aug 08, 2008 University program in Bangladesh wins international award
Aug 05, 2008 Institute for Advanced Learning and Research receives grant to support opportunities in nanotechnology
Jun 25, 2008 Administrator honored for contributions to global food security, poverty reduction, and Green Revolution in Asia
Jun 24, 2008 Universities to help Cumberland County plan future
Jun 13, 2008 College Bound program helps students with disabilities to transition
Jun 13, 2008 University honors outstanding talent search students
May 16, 2008 Memorial Center of Excellence for forestry opens in Nepal
May 05, 2008 Hospitality industry veteran and Hampton Roads Center team up to present workshop on ensuring success
May 07, 2008 Service-Learning Center director receives award
May 02, 2008 Kay Dunkley assumes directorship of Reynolds Homestead
Mar 10, 2008 Virginia Tech receives Petty Enterprises donation for motor sports research
Mar 10, 2008 Wood science department enters partnership to create seamless pathway for learning
Mar 11, 2008 Fifth Annual Autism Spectrum Disorder Conference for educators, parents, and therapists
Mar 14, 2008 Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center to host Hokie Volunteer Day
Mar 05, 2008 Japanese traditional drumming to be performed by North Carolina drum group
Feb 21, 2008 Virginia Tech/Halifax County outreach office awarded $1.2 million for research in energy and the environment
Feb 21, 2008 President's honor roll with distinction award for community service awarded to Virginia Tech
Feb 20, 2008 English Language Institute selected to host Humphrey Fellows
Feb 11, 2008 Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine and partners to offer seminar series for career-development
Feb 06, 2008 Virginia Tech to launch certificate program in meeting and event planning in spring 2008
Jan 18, 2008 Nominations open for alumni awards for outreach excellence, individual achievement, and team achievement
Jan 16, 2008 University Community commits over 150,000 service hours; other schools join effort
Jan 14, 2008 Martin Luther King Jr. Week of Service highlights opportunities for VT-ENGAGE
Jan 07, 2008 Virginia Tech Transportation Fellow issues white paper on abusive driver fees
Dec 18, 2007 First students participate in international externship program in the veterinary college
Dec 17, 2007 U.S. Department of Agriculture grant supports new international collaboration
Dec 13, 2007 ACC Scholarships support two students with studies in France, Egypt
Dec 10, 2007 Internet-based TOEFL English-language proficiency exam now administered at Virginia Tech
Dec 05, 2007 Virginia Tech to host Engagement Academy for University Leaders
Nov 19, 2007 NASULGC presents C. Peter Magrath Community Engagement Award to Virginia Tech
Nov 13, 2007 International food expert to speak Thursday as part of International Education Week
Nov 09, 2007 Community leaders can improve problem-solving skills at Virginia Tech Institute Feb. 10-12
Nov 09, 2007 Anders appointed director of Virginia Tech Hampton Roads Center
Oct 31, 2007 Greek ambassador to U.S. to speak on campus Nov. 13
Oct 16, 2007 Virginia Tech launches Energy Efficiency Partnership with Hannon Armstrong and Pepco Energy Services aimed at greening greater Washington, D.C.
Oct 02, 2007 University Chamber Music Series presents George Crumb's masterpiece: Vox Balaenae (Voice of the Whale)
Oct 10, 2007 College of Engineering students team with friends of animals on shelter project
Oct 09, 2007 Third annual Kentland Folk Life Festival celebrates local heritage
Oct 05, 2007 Perry Martin appointed to Virginia's national and community service board
Sep 26, 2007 Virginia Tech signs memorandum of understanding with Chonbuk National University
Sep 10, 2007 Tim and Nancy Franklin to leave Institute for Advanced Learning and Research this fall
Aug 17, 2007 Virginia Tech ranks among the top in undergraduate engineering and career-related programs
Aug 20, 2007 Building Construction students renovate historic Lynchburg home of Harlem Renaissance poet
Aug 15, 2007 Equine medical center faculty care for critically ill foals
Aug 14, 2007 Symposium to address coal mining, river conservation in Abingdon
Jul 24, 2007 Virginia Tech, ConocoPhillips partner to hold town hall meeting on energy in Richmond
Jul 26, 2007 Virginia Tech String Project reaches out to elementary students with affordable string instruction
Jul 17, 2007 Donald Back named director of English Language Institute
Jul 09, 2007 University to hold university-community partnership conference
Jun 14, 2007 Community Design Assistance Center receives Valley Conservation Council award
Jun 05, 2007 Upward Bound to hold 40th anniversary reunion
Jun 04, 2007 Virginia Tech sponsors conservation course in Blackstone, Va.
Apr 24, 2007 Global Perspectives Forum to focus on international trade initiatives
Apr 06, 2007 Researchers at Virginia Bioinformatics Institute contribute to new museum exhibit
Mar 22, 2007 Conference celebrates 400 years of Virginia cuisine
Mar 13, 2007 Study abroad legislation to increase number of U.S. students studying abroad to one million per year
Mar 16, 2007 Undergraduates study in Abu Dhabi, Australia, and South Africa as ACC scholars this semester
Mar 08, 2007 Partnership with Montgomery Schools trains teachers in water quality management exercises
Mar 08, 2007 Kennedy named research director at Institute for Advanced Learning and Research
Mar 09, 2007 Alexander joins The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center staff
Feb 02, 2007 Bernhard named director of Continuing and Professional Education
Jan 29, 2007 Educational Leadership Research Forum set for Virginia Beach Feb. 15-16
Dec 21, 2006 New Carnegie Foundation classification for Curricular Engagement and Outreach & Partnerships
Dec 04, 2006 Commonwealth College Access Network helps all Virginians attain a college degree
Nov 28, 2006 Five students receive ACC scholarships for study abroad
Nov 16, 2006 Business leaders, laboratory tours highlight energy research showcase
Nov 13, 2006 Upward Bound program to hold fortieth reunion
Nov 03, 2006 Roanoke Center launches Virginia Tech Family Business Forum
Oct 24, 2006 Pamplin College of Business appoints director of international programs
Sep 26, 2006 Pilot program addresses literacy needs of adolescents
Sep 19, 2006 College Board senior presidential adviser to speak at Outreach NOW Conference
Sep 20, 2006 University launches the Economic Development Studio @ Virginia Tech
Sep 08, 2006 Virginia Water Science and Technology Symposium to be held Nov. 1-3
Sep 07, 2006 Virginia Cooperative Extension hosts Forestry and Wildlife Field Tours
Jul 19, 2006 Melissa Maybury Lubin named director of Virginia Tech Richmond Center
Jul 12, 2006 Paul L. Knox named Virginia Tech Senior Fellow for International Advancement
Jul 17, 2006 Faculty assist in professional development of area history teachers
Jun 23, 2006 Morse to plan programs to help communities mature through collaboration
Jun 21, 2006 VT STARS program to help motivate high school students kicks off
Jun 16, 2006 College Bound Program helps students with disabilities
Jun 14, 2006 ACC International Academic Collaborative receives special award
Jun 05, 2006 Board of Visitors to hold meeting at Institute for Advanced Learning and Research
May 31, 2006 Virginia Tech creates Caribbean center for education and research
Apr 03, 2006 Virginia Tech to host Biodiversity Conservation in Agriculture Symposium
Mar 31, 2006 Gastrointestinal endoscopy course offered to veterinarians
Mar 24, 2006 John Dooley named Roanoke Regional Airport commissioner
Mar 09, 2006 Storytelling event in Floyd to benefit Service-Learning Center's Hometown Corps
Jan 04, 2006 Steven Duke named assistant program director of education abroad programs
Jan 03, 2006 Office of Economic Development receives funding to aid Southwest, Southside communities
May 16, 2006 Virginia universities, colleges connect K12 schools to super fast networks
Apr 25, 2006 Virginia Tech forges dual graduate degree program with German university
May 03, 2006 Session on manufacturing and marketing forest resources to be held in Richmond
Feb 16, 2006 VT Stars Family Technology Awareness Week for students
Feb 02, 2006 Autism Spectrum Disorders Conference for educators, parents, and psychologist
Feb 25, 2005 Conference to focus on information technology, economic development
Nov 10, 2005 Ellen A. Brown named new director of Reynolds Homestead
Nov 08, 2005 ACC members hold first international education conference
Oct 28, 2005 Virginia Tech's new alumni center, conference center, and hotel dedicated
Oct 26, 2005 ACC members shift focus from sports to international education for conference Nov. 3-4
Oct 22, 2005 New alumni center, conference center, and hotel to be dedicated Oct. 28
Sep 15, 2005 Dickenson County receives grant for tourism readiness training
Jul 29, 2005 IALR, Virginia Tech, Old Dominion announce VIPER partnership
Jun 14, 2005 Conference examines technology-based assistive education for disabled
May 09, 2005 Virginia Tech Richmond Center graduates first Master in Public Administration class
May 16, 2005 Upward Bound alum honored
May 06, 2005 Revolutionary Gravity Golf course offered next semester
Feb 23, 2005 Pilot music program for Chatham's children launched
Jan 25, 2005 Governor credits new Virginia Tech program for attracting jobs to Halifax County
Feb 02, 2005 Nominations open for 2005 Alumni Awards for Outreach Excellence
Jan 13, 2005 New Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center will pay tribute to nature, history
Jan 11, 2005 New director of Outreach Program Development named
Nov 29, 2005 Virginia Tech and Council on Virginia's Future host Virginia Futures Forum
Aug 01, 2005 New College Planning Commission to seek MOU with Virginia Tech
Sep 07, 2005 Virginia Tech offers forest products selling course
Sep 06, 2005 Center for Forest Products Marketing and Management presents marketing workshop
Sep 26, 2005 Agriculture and Life Sciences receives grant for economic development in Southside Virginia
Nov 09, 2005 Virginia Tech hosts three international Fulbright scholars
Sep 06, 2005 Institute for Policy Outreach receives funding to pilot wage-advancement model
Dec 14, 2005 McCallum named director of Virginia Tech's Southwest Virginia Center
Nov 18, 2005 Virginia Tech partners on grant to provide professional development for area history teachers
Nov 17, 2005 Ground broken for Virginia Institute for Performance Engineering and Research facility
Oct 26, 2005 VBI, others receive grant to support cyberinfrastructure education and outreach initiative
Oct 11, 2005 University announces new software program to aid social service agencies in Southwest Virginia
Sep 08, 2005 Institute for Advanced Learning and Research finalist for national economic development award
Jul 28, 2005 Institute for Advanced Learning and Research Honored with Regional Innovator Award
Jul 20, 2005 Mining conference seeks sustainability through advanced separation technologies
Jul 06, 2005 Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center open July 10
Jul 06, 2005 IALR facility receives international recognition for audio/visual design and systems integration
Mar 21, 2005 Northern Virginia Center hosts administrators from Near East, North Africa
Jun 17, 2005 Institute for Advanced Learning and Research opens Southside, Va., research labs in
Jun 16, 2005 Learn how to benefit from collaboration at university-community partnership conference
May 05, 2005 Virginia Tech to host 7th Annual Conference on Women and the Civil War
Apr 25, 2005 Service-Learning Center celebrates 10 years of university-community partnership
Apr 13, 2005 Educational videos available statewide from Virginia Tech
Apr 05, 2005 Institute for Advanced Learning and Research noted for economic impact
Mar 10, 2005 International collaboration formed between Virginia Tech, King Abdulaziz University
Feb 25, 2005 Educators, parents, psychologists to attend Autism Spectrum Disorders Conference March 10-11
Feb 17, 2005 Applied Felts contract represents milestone for the Advanced and Applied Polymer Processing Institute
Feb 08, 2005 University scientists address locust control at conference in Senegal
Dec 09, 2004 Revolutionary Gravity Golf course offered next semester
Nov 18, 2004 Virginia Tech launches new outreach initiative with Halifax County
Nov 12, 2004 S.K. De Datta receives Clifton Garvin Fellowship
Oct 22, 2004 Virginia Tech develops plans to enhance communities through fine arts
Oct 06, 2004 U.S.A.I.D. awards university $34 million
Sep 02, 2004 University staff appointed to New River Community College Board, UCEA Task Force
Aug 06, 2004 Virginia Tech hosts short course on Advanced Sales Training in the Forest Products Industry
Jul 28, 2004 Virginia Tech to offer M.A. in education with reading specialist endorsement
Jul 23, 2004 IALR hosts first technologies conference
Jul 20, 2004 University Libraries to collaborate on Kentland Farm history projects
Jul 07, 2004 Biotechnology training for teachers and undergraduate college faculty to be offered July 14-17
Jun 30, 2004 Science and technology arm of Mexican government agrees to develop cooperative programs with Virginia Tech
Jun 22, 2004 Virginia Tech conference to focus on community and university partnerships
Jun 22, 2004 Virginia Tech to host virtual reality, robotics, and web workshops for middle school students
Jun 16, 2004 Institute for Advanced Learning and Research officially opens doors
Jun 14, 2004 Colleges select first Excellence in Outreach Award winners
Jun 11, 2004 New Outreach staff at Commonwealth Campus Centers to broaden program offerings
Apr 23, 2004 Virginia Tech's Mobile Chemistry Laboratory to suspend operations
Apr 20, 2004 Virginia Tech continuing and professional education specialist dies
Sep 17, 2003 Virginia Tech Signs Agreement With Hilton Hotels Corporation To Manage Hotels And Conference Centers