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Jan 08, 2016 Fish species, rural livelihoods threatened by new dams on world's largest rivers
Jan 11, 2016 Researchers help design incentive programs to rid South America of invasive beaver
Dec 08, 2015 Researchers to use grant to examine linkages between humans and freshwater quality
Nov 11, 2015 Study incorporates ecological processes into Earth system models to aid climate change predictions
Nov 13, 2015 Photos: Tomatoes in trouble
Oct 14, 2015 Limiting wildlife access to water resources in dryland African regions may reduce water quality
Sep 30, 2015 Virginia Tech-led research to create model to predict waterborne disease risk
Sep 14, 2015 Engineering’s Marc Edwards heads to Flint as part of study into unprecedented corrosion problem
Sep 21, 2015 Virginia Tech showcases new research facility to enhance the study of birds
Aug 28, 2015 Extension and cooperatives to hold 39th annual Forestry and Wildlife Field Tours
Aug 13, 2015 Photos: Doctoral student shares Serengeti field work
Aug 18, 2015 Virginia Tech's natural resources and conservation program ranked No. 1 by USA Today College edition
Aug 10, 2015 Preserving natural areas on campuses focus of Ecological Society of America sessions
Jul 30, 2015 Habitat prediction model created to protect piping plovers
Jul 08, 2015 Scientists work to help save the Amazon rainforest and its biodiversity
Jul 29, 2015 Wildlife provide clues to the spread of antibiotic resistance in Africa
Jul 07, 2015 International research team seeks more efficient biomass refinement processes
Jul 06, 2015 Graduate student's research reveals new, troubling threats to Madagascar’s wildlife
Jun 11, 2015 Urban forestry professor instrumental in establishment of new national rating program for sustainable landscapes
May 18, 2015 Successful ecological restoration must meet more robust standards
Apr 27, 2015 Growth in Virginia's forests exceeds harvests but demand for younger trees grows
May 21, 2015 Research team heads to Antarctic to get icy insight into how brain adapts to temperature change
Apr 09, 2015 Celebrating a decade of Virginia Master Naturalists
Mar 31, 2015 Summer course immerses students in Great Smoky Mountains ecology
Jan 21, 2015 Virginia Tech developing stewardship plan for Stadium Woods
Jan 22, 2015 Successful natural resource management built on trust
Jan 23, 2015 Online course and conference offered to Virginia forest landowners
Dec 22, 2014 Photos: Our photographers share their favorite shots of 2014
Jan 28, 2015 Plant-based molecule may be key to cleanup of Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster
Jan 07, 2015 Vacuum-steam treatment for invasive snails proves promising
Dec 23, 2014 Scientists tap trees' evolutionary databanks to discover environment adaptation strategies
Nov 17, 2014 Birds and windows -- a deadly dilemma
Nov 13, 2014 Citizen scientist data collection increases risk of error
Nov 05, 2014 Groundwater patches play vital role in forest health, water quality, Virginia Tech researcher says
Oct 17, 2014 Popular wilderness area requires intensive management to remain natural
Oct 21, 2014 Research aims to preserve Great Plains by preventing woody shrubs from taking over
Sep 11, 2014 Harold E. Burkhart receives international award for sustainable forest management models
Sep 09, 2014 Steam and vacuum wood treatment for pests more efficient, less costly
Aug 29, 2014 Natural resources 'roadmap' to guide research, education, policy decisions
Aug 26, 2014 Historical disturbances provide foothold for invasive plant on Buffalo Mountain
Aug 22, 2014 Land managers to gain tools to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions
Aug 19, 2014 Forestry geneticists develop tree biomass crop to grow on marginal lands
Oct 02, 2014 Eastern hemlocks that have survived insect infestation have a story to tell
Aug 13, 2014 Giant Amazon fish extinct in many fishing communities, saved in others
Jul 23, 2014 New 'Leave No Trace' book is a guide for reducing impacts, from backcountry to backyard
Jul 10, 2014 Researchers peer into DNA of 'Evolution Canyon' animals to discover drivers of evolutionary change
Jul 02, 2014 University leads multistate research project to advance the urban forestry profession
Jun 30, 2014 Appalachian Trail needs science-based design
Jun 26, 2014 Chinese forestry scholars tap U.S. research on sustainable outdoor recreation
Jun 25, 2014 Researchers say rate of deforestation in Brazilian Amazon has declined
Jun 18, 2014 Researchers map fishing resources to assist land managers, anglers
Jun 16, 2014 Researchers tap into social networks of endangered Indiana bat to aid in habitat management
May 29, 2014 Work by researchers to monitor, protect bats critical as millions perish
May 12, 2014 Plastics to dust -- a dream about to come true
May 15, 2014 Young scientist counts African predators to help save them
Apr 22, 2014 Ecology team improves understanding of valley-wide stream chemistry
Apr 14, 2014 Study of dead wood in old-growth Iranian forest provides information for forest management
Apr 08, 2014 Summer course immerses students in Great Smoky Mountains ecology
Apr 02, 2014 Scientists study Amazon forests, grasses, fish, fire, water to predict impact of climate change
Mar 28, 2014 Partners promote forest farming through online community
Mar 04, 2014 Old-growth forest expert to speak on value of ancient trees
Feb 20, 2014 Black-footed ferret: Wild heart of the Great Plains
Feb 10, 2014 Weather stations installed at Roanoke schools aid research, provide lessons for children
Jan 28, 2014 Recycle and help Virginia Tech win a national championship
Jan 28, 2014 Hurricane Sandy may prove to be a blessing for the tiny piping plover
Jan 23, 2014 Online course offered for Virginia forest landowners
Jan 15, 2014 Research overturns assumption about mercury in the Arctic
Dec 30, 2013 Leaders welcome FAA nod to test unmanned aircraft; Virginia Tech positioned to lead new industry
Dec 13, 2013 Consumption of lead contaminated water may increase risk of miscarriages and fetal death
Dec 16, 2013 Graduating senior inspires environmental protection, preservation as television host
Dec 03, 2013 Aviation initiative to get $2.6 million in Virginia FACT funds to test unmanned aircraft systems
Nov 13, 2013 Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability now partner in two global water management networks
Nov 08, 2013 Solar panel installation at Arlington research center is laboratory for graduate engineering students
Nov 04, 2013 Researchers explore natural solution to rid household plumbing of dangerous pathogens
Nov 07, 2013 Harold E. Burkhart named Forest Champion of the Year
Sep 26, 2013 Fisheries program opens doors for incoming freshman
Sep 17, 2013 Study provides data to focus diarrheal disease response in remote, resource-strapped area of Africa
Sep 20, 2013 Why don't trees bleed to death when they get injured?
Sep 05, 2013 Extension and cooperatives to hold 37th annual Forestry and Wildlife Field Tours
Jul 25, 2013 Photos: Fall at Virginia Tech
Aug 02, 2013 New center will provide improved data, new analytical tools, and flexible models to better manage environment
Jul 24, 2013 New environmental informatics major opens a world of opportunity
Jul 18, 2013 Short course helps ease the transfer of forest land to the next generation
Jul 11, 2013 Jim Fraser receives Mitchell A. Byrd Award for outstanding achievement in ornithology
Jun 27, 2013 Researchers find human activities threaten Sumatran tiger population
Jun 12, 2013 Photos: Campus traditions shape Hokie experience
Jun 14, 2013 Experts help develop Trees for Energy Conservation online resource
May 15, 2013 University researchers find widespread but neglected disease as real health threat in Africa
Apr 26, 2013 Study shows human-wildlife microbe exchange and multidrug resistance in wildlife in protected areas in Africa
Apr 17, 2013 Photos: Sycamore clone to be planted on Henderson Lawn
Apr 17, 2013 Virginia Tech's sycamore is still standing by way of its clone, and the DNA is in it
Apr 03, 2013 Virginia Tech researchers unveil large robotic jellyfish that one day could patrol oceans
Mar 29, 2013 Kathleen Alexander finds climate change likely to worsen public health threat of diarrheal disease in Botswana and other arid African countries
Mar 28, 2013 New portable biomass power plant draws visitors to campus
Feb 26, 2013 Future cruise control to have environmental, safety features
Feb 11, 2013 Natural resources professor helps National Park Service improve interpretive programs
Jan 22, 2013 Online course offered for Virginia forest landowners
Jan 17, 2013 Harold Burkhart named Virginia's Outstanding Scientist of 2013
Jan 15, 2013 Virginia Tech works with Dominion Virginia Power to help Department of Energy launch offshore wind energy in U.S.
Jan 11, 2013 Selling Your Timber course offered for Virginia forest landowners
Jan 15, 2013 Woods and Wildlife Conference: Bring out the best in your property
Dec 20, 2012 Virginia Tech's tree app tops at Google Play
Dec 05, 2012 Forest ecosystem research team helps improve satellite data
Dec 07, 2012 Resolving mountaintop mining will depend upon people who value their jobs and the natural world
Dec 13, 2012 Forest resources department partners to host forest health conference
Nov 21, 2012 Digital tool allows public to see urban tree canopy coverage in neighborhoods
Nov 07, 2012 Virginia Tech to accept applications for urban forestry fellowships and scholarships
Nov 01, 2012 Amy Pruden to spearhead $250,000 study on the building plumbing microbiome
Oct 26, 2012 Partners collaborate on largest release of endangered mussels in Powell River
Oct 15, 2012 Photos: Virginia Tech program saves farmers' livelihoods in Asia
Sep 24, 2012 Training wheels come off for Virginia Tech program in Nepal
Sep 19, 2012 Extension and cooperatives to hold 36th annual Forestry and Wildlife Field Tours
Aug 31, 2012 New edition of plant identification software released
Aug 20, 2012 Can nature parks save biodiversity?
Jul 25, 2012 Motorcycle team races to next level of worldwide competition
Jul 17, 2012 Protect trees from summer storm damage
Jul 03, 2012 Green roof design may help control urban runoff
May 16, 2012 Virginia Tech storm chasers hit the road
Apr 12, 2012 Virginia Tech hosts Ecological Society of America conference on disturbed environments
Apr 18, 2012 Virginia Tech students dig into national championship
Apr 18, 2012 Graduate student team captures national GeoLeague Challenge
Apr 06, 2012 Montpelier touts tree ID technology
Mar 23, 2012 Kathleen Alexander's work in Botswana attracts attention of U.S. ambassador
Mar 13, 2012 Virginia Tech wildlife researchers explore DNA research to help save Nepal's Bengal tigers
Mar 12, 2012 Kathleen Alexander finds brucellosis pathogen persists in Botswana buffalo, may pose a threat to humans
Mar 01, 2012 Nowhere to hide: New study finds future of Sumatran tigers threatened by human disturbances
Feb 23, 2012 First projects certified by SITES national rating system for sustainable landscapes
Feb 13, 2012 College of Natural Resources and Environment department renamed Sustainable Biomaterials to reflect wider scope
Jan 31, 2012 Virginia Tech wildlife ecologist links severe declines in Everglades mammals with invasive pythons
Jan 24, 2012 Online course offered for Virginia forest landowners
Jan 24, 2012 Virginia Tech research magazine reports on saving wildlife, recovering coal from slurry ponds, treating brain tumors, who is running the country
Jan 10, 2012 Kathleen Alexander receives NSF grant to research human-animal linkage in water quality
Dec 15, 2011 Bear magnets: Bird feeders, pet dishes, and trash cans lure wildlife into neighborhoods
Dec 06, 2011 Green500 shows continuing trend toward environmentally friendly supercomputers
Nov 15, 2011 Research team explores how microbial diversity defends against disease
Nov 29, 2011 Conservation Management Institute instrumental in completing carbon offset project
Nov 09, 2011 Stadium Woods: Natural heritage in the heart of Virginia Tech's campus
Dec 14, 2011 Virginia Tech researchers using new technology to study breath for toxins
Nov 14, 2011 New Virginia specialty license plate supports community trees
Oct 25, 2011 Virginia Tech's well-traveled solar home returns to campus for a special engagement
Sep 27, 2011 Virginia Tech to host public event on Aldo Leopold, pioneer of conservation
Sep 20, 2011 Extension and cooperatives to hold 35th annual Forestry and Wildlife Field Tours
Sep 15, 2011 Janaki Alavalapati named Senior Fellow in U.S. State Department program
Aug 05, 2011 Center for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems to host international conference in Roanoke
Aug 04, 2011 Virginia ranks fourth on nation's big tree list
Jul 25, 2011 Virginia Tech's forest landowner program offers course in selling rural land
Jul 20, 2011 Coal and Energy Center at Virginia Tech selected for study on injection of carbon dioxide into storage reservoirs
Jul 15, 2011 Virginia Tech professor's cellulose-for-biofuels and carbon cycling research featured in July 14 issue of Science journal
Jul 12, 2011 Virginia Master Naturalists partner to develop 'Working Woods' at James Madison's Montpelier
Jul 07, 2011 Primland celebrates Virginia Tech partnership with Tree House to Trails weekend
Jun 15, 2011 Virginia Cooperative Extension and Virginia Green Industry Council expand garden container recycling program
Jun 08, 2011 Virginia Tech to add meteorology bachelor's degree
Apr 28, 2011 College of Natural Resources and Environment department renamed Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Apr 26, 2011 Video: Virginia Tech 'green' institute schools public administrators
Mar 31, 2011 Seven universities form Appalachian energy, environment research initiative
Mar 22, 2011 Forest researcher awarded NSF early career grant
Mar 11, 2011 Urban wildlife biologist joins 'Car Talk'
Mar 03, 2011 Virginia Tech shares in $20 million grant to study effects of climate change on southern pine forests
Feb 11, 2011 Virginia Tech launches transatlantic partnership to advance city-university collaboration for urban sustainability
Jan 27, 2011 Leadership Institute students from College of Natural Resources and Environment take weeklong run with top officials
Jan 13, 2011 Extension hosts 8th Annual Woods and Wildlife Conference
Dec 10, 2010 Poor stream health imperils fish
Dec 03, 2010 Loss of biodiversity can increase disease transmission
Nov 16, 2010 Photos: Catawba Sustainability Center - Planting Day
Nov 12, 2010 Food security in Indonesia focus of new pest management project
Nov 02, 2010 Virginia Tech gets $3.4 million for Gulf oil spill study on plovers
Oct 11, 2010 Virginia Tech professor discovers new tuberculosis pathogen
Sep 28, 2010 Extension, cooperatives to hold 34th annual Forestry and Wildlife Field Tours
Sep 21, 2010 Commercial-scale test of new technology to recover coal from sludge successful
Sep 13, 2010 Virginia Tech-YMCA wind and solar project dedication ceremony kicks off Sustainability Week
Sep 23, 2010 Researcher seeks to create 'citizen scientists' to help in response to environmental disasters
Aug 30, 2010 University researchers hope answer to cleaning up Gulf Coast lies in geometry
Aug 26, 2010 Extension, College of Natural Resources and Environment, Arlington County host urban forestry conference
Aug 23, 2010 Professor, former graduate student receive international honors
Aug 12, 2010 Extension, cooperators host invasive plant control conference
Aug 06, 2010 Virginia Water Resources Research Center names new associate director
Aug 02, 2010 Symposium on Blue Ridge Parkway to honor its 75th anniversary
Aug 05, 2010 Wood-Based Composites Center advances program with National Science Foundation grant
Jul 19, 2010 University publishes Stroubles Creek watershed report
Jun 29, 2010 Virginia Tech Lumenhaus wins international solar house competition
Jun 21, 2010 Hybrid Electric Vehicle Team scores second place in national competition
May 18, 2010 Growers Academy helps farmers, growers break new ground
Apr 22, 2010 Virginia Tech, YMCA wind and solar project gets off the ground in time for Earth Day
Sep 21, 2009 Cultivating Sustainability Conference to highlight the farm-to-table efforts of K-12 schools, hospitals, universities
Sep 17, 2009 International panel to address state, local efforts to increase energy security, sustainability
Sep 21, 2009 University engineers lead nation's efforts to protect power grid
Sep 01, 2009 Father of India's Green Revolution to speak at Virginia Tech
Sep 02, 2009 Research studies impacts of coal mining on water resources
Aug 26, 2009 Water resources conference explores environmental, political, and economic impacts
Jul 01, 2009 Chemistry student awarded prestigious Fulbright scholarship to study environmental impact of aerosols
Jun 19, 2009 University scientists warn Asia of widespread invasive pest threat
May 28, 2009 Glass-based seal for solid oxide fuel cells could help bring this efficient energy technology to market
May 27, 2009 Students make own biodiesel derived from waste vegetable oil to fuel vehicles
May 26, 2009 Virginia Tech team for U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon to exhibit progress at Taubman Museum of Art, June 12-Aug. 23
May 22, 2009 Virginia Tech selected as one of two U.S. universities invited to compete in Solar Decathlon Europe in 2010
May 15, 2009 Paul Knox and Heike Mayer's book on small town sustainability published
May 08, 2009 Restoring Appalachian woodlands workshop planned for May 22
May 29, 2009 College of Natural Resources' department renamed Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation
May 11, 2009 Wildlife options for landowners short course to be held in June
May 06, 2009 Citizens conference for restoring urban streams to be held in June
Apr 24, 2009 Wetland research biochemist to speak on campus
Apr 17, 2009 Statewide battle against invading species to take place May 2
Apr 16, 2009 Global pest management program wins international award
Apr 14, 2009 Research hydrologist to speak on campus
Apr 14, 2009 Grants awarded for community-based energy research
Mar 30, 2009 Extension wildlife specialist at Virginia Tech issues salmonella caution to bird feeders
Feb 27, 2009 National Capital Region professor and National Building Museum curator conducts online video tour of Green Community
Feb 19, 2009 Lecture by Environmental Protection Agency director, film screening at Virginia Tech to focus on water sustainability
Jan 26, 2009 Engineering professor to headline briefing on water safety
Jan 13, 2009 Jan. 16 webcast to cover feed strategies to reduce air emissions for livestock operations
Jan 06, 2009 Researcher shows plumbing materials may taint your tap water