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Conservation Management Institute

Sep 24, 2015 Faculty members named American Fisheries Society inaugural Fellows
Nov 17, 2014 Birds and windows -- a deadly dilemma
Aug 05, 2014 Cameroon forests, wildlife being preserved by farmers using agroforestry
Nov 21, 2012 Digital tool allows public to see urban tree canopy coverage in neighborhoods
Sep 18, 2012 University, landowners work to resurrect a vanishing bird in Catawba
Jun 04, 2012 College of Natural Resources and Environment partners with Primland for naturalist course
Nov 29, 2011 Conservation Management Institute instrumental in completing carbon offset project
Jul 07, 2011 Primland celebrates Virginia Tech partnership with Tree House to Trails weekend
Mar 07, 2011 University receives award to improve rural roads in Ethiopia
Feb 23, 2011 Photos: Golden Eagle Release
Jun 10, 2010 Virginia Tech college renamed to College of Natural Resources and Environment
Apr 14, 2009 Grants awarded for community-based energy research
Apr 06, 2009 Scott D. Klopfer named Conservation Management Institute executive director
Apr 06, 2009 Two professors awarded Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Awards
Aug 11, 2008 Citizen input sought on wood as an alternative energy source
Nov 30, 2007 Brian Murphy receives Edward S. Diggs Teaching Scholar Award
Apr 18, 2006 Conservation Management Institute encouraging farmers to plant switchgrass for fuels
Mar 30, 2005 Conservation Management Institute, College of Natural Resources sponsor trip to Belize
Jan 21, 2004 Ukrainian urban ecologists visit Virginia Tech's Conservation Management Institute
Aug 13, 2004 Conservation Management Institute receives $400K
Mar 04, 2003 Virginia Tech's Conservation Management Institute Develops National Database For CWD