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VT News Contacts

University Relations' News and Information group is a network of professional communicators located across campus. The team also produces Virginia Tech News, a Web-based and email news service, and works to build stronger relationships between the university and local and national reporters.

Virginia Tech News is a daily service of the Office of University Relations to inform student, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and the broader community of current campus news and events. In addition to this website, one may subscribe to our morning news email, sent daily Monday through Friday throughout the year. We welcome your feedback on Virginia Tech News. Please contact us at

Mark Owczarski, Assistant Vice President of News and Information
315 Burruss Hall (0229)

Michael Stowe, Communications Director, Virginia Tech News
102-B Media Building (0109)

Shay Barnhart, Web Producer
101-A Media Building (0109)

Jordan Fifer, Multimedia Web Producer
102-A Media Building (0109)


Title Phone Address
Postal Code
Zeke Barlow
Assistant Director of Communications 540 231-5417 131 Smyth Hall (0904),
185 Ag Quad Lane
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Susan Bland
Communications Manager 540 231-1986 Moss Arts Center (0916),
190 Alumni Drive
Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech
Andrea Brunais
Communications Director 540 231-4691 120 Gateway Center (0265),
902 Prices Fork Road
Outreach and International Affairs
Paula Byron
Communications Director 540 526-2027 2 Riverside Circle,
Roanoke, VA 24016 (0801)
Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and Research Institute
Lynn Davis
Communications Director 540 231-6157 142 Cheatham Hall (0324),
310 West Campus Drive
College of Natural Resources and Environment
Katie Gehrt
Communications Director 540 231-2108 202 Cowgill Hall (0205),
1325 Perry Street
College of Architecture and Urban Studies
Lori Greiner
Communications Manager 540 231-5863 138 Smyth Hall (0904),
185 Ag Quad Lane
Virginia Cooperative Extension
Cathy Grimes Communications Manager 540 231-8795 230 Graduate Life Center at Donaldson Brown (0325), 155 Otey Street Graduate School/Graduate Education
Sookhan Ho
Communications Director 540 231-5071 1035 Pamplin Hall (0209),
880 West Campus Drive
Pamplin College of Business
Katie Huger
Communications Manager 540 231-7643 2300 North End Center (0318),
300 Turner St. NW
Human Resources
Steven Mackay
Communications Director 540 231-5035  4300 North End Center (0405),
300 Turner St. NW
College of Science
Alison Matthiessen
Communications Manager 540 231-5682 3500 North End Center (0392),
300 Turner St. NW
Undergraduate Education
Barbara Micale
Communications Assistant Director 571 858-3008 900 N. Glebe Road,
Arlington, VA 22203 (0379)
National Capital Region
Laura Neff-Henderson
Communications Director 540 231-8126 201 Burruss Hall (0182),
800 Drillfield Drive
Administrative Services
John Pastor
Communications Director 540 231-5646 311 Burruss Hall (0244),
800 Drillfield Drive
Albert Raboteau
Communications Director 540 231-4733 3209 Gateway Center (0336),
902 Prices Fork Road
Michael Sutphin
Communications Manager 540 231-7911 Room 226, Phase IV (0442),
205 Duck Pond Drive
Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine
Sherrie Whaley
Communications Specialist TBA 328 Femoyer Hall (0229),
280 Stanger St.
University Relations
Vacant Communications Manager 540 231-4787 2160-F Torgersen Hall (0217),
620 Drillfield Drive
College of Engineering
Vacant Director of Marketing and Communications 540 231-5915 217 Wallace Hall (0426),
295 West Campus Drive
College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences