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Nov 12, 2007 Affymetrix exon arrays reveal complexity of the human transcriptome
Apr 03, 2009 Alligator man reveals the perils of plastic bottles to Kids' Tech University
Apr 15, 2009 Associate professor receives Business Software Alliance Distinguished Innovators' Award
Feb 14, 2007 Bioinformatics Institute scientists probe absence of select DNA components
Mar 04, 2010 Bioinformatics paper exceeds 500 in citation index
Mar 19, 2009 Bioinformatics sheds light on evolutionary origin of virulence genes
Feb 16, 2006 Bringing quality control to systems biology modeling
Jun 12, 2008 Brucella abortus S19 genome sequenced, points toward virulence genes
Mar 05, 2009 Children at Kids' Tech University learn why computer programs can be so frustrating
Apr 21, 2010 Children at Kids' Tech University learn why humans cannot walk on water
Sep 18, 2006 Computer modelers of pandemic flu to converge at Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
Nov 19, 2010 Distributed computing in a wireless environment
May 09, 2008 Elusive protein protects malaria parasite from heme
Apr 02, 2009 Evolutionary origin of bacterial chromosomes revealed
Oct 15, 2009 Garner to lead Virginia Tech's Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
May 19, 2010 Genomes of citrus canker pathogens decoded
Jun 21, 2006 Guy Cormier named chief information officer at Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
May 13, 2009 Harvard Medical School professor to give lecture on bacterial toxins at Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
Apr 26, 2010 High-performance computing reveals missing genes
Nov 19, 2009 In memoriam: William Alan Shank, Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
Sep 09, 2008 Innate immune system targets asthma-linked fungus for destruction
Jul 27, 2010 International Genetically Engineered Machines team helps prevent rogue use of synthetic biology
May 06, 2009 Kids' Tech University semester closes with a look at life on Mars
Mar 20, 2008 Laboratory conducts training for Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Aug 19, 2008 Large reservoir of mitochondrial DNA mutations identified in humans
Dec 09, 2010 Massive gene loss linked to pathogen's stealthy plant-dependent lifestyle
Aug 11, 2010 Math model of colon inflammation singles out dangerous immune cells
Sep 29, 2008 National Science Foundation awards $1,000,000 to develop an artificial market for dynamic spectrum sharing in wireless networks
Apr 10, 2008 Network Dynamics and Simulation Science Laboratory research demonstrated in Technology Forum for Senate Armed Services Committee
Sep 29, 2005 Network Dynamics and Simulation Science Laboratory up and running at Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
May 27, 2010 New 'tree of life' established by researchers for one of the largest groups of bacteria
Jul 25, 2006 New computational model allows for better understanding of AIDS drug
Jul 01, 2010 New world Helicobacter pylori genome sequenced, dynamics of inflammation-related genes revealed
May 02, 2006 Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, VBI sign agreement for drugs, vaccines and diagnostics
Nov 17, 2009 Pathogen protection and virulence: Dark side of fungal membrane protein revealed
Nov 08, 2010 Plagiarism sleuths tackle full-text biomedical articles
Feb 03, 2009 President of Technische Universitat Darmstadt visits Virginia Tech, Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
Jul 14, 2010 Professor Reinhard Laubenbacher testifies at congressional hearing on 21st century biology
Jun 10, 2008 Professor receives award for molecular plant pathology research excellence
Dec 09, 2008 Reinhard Laubenbacher appointed Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics' vice president for science policy
Nov 20, 2008 Research consortium to sequence turkey genome
Mar 16, 2006 Researchers develop high-efficiency transformation of strawberry
Feb 06, 2006 Researchers develop method for gene disruption in destructive fungal pathogen
Nov 16, 2005 Researchers discover novel protein complex that enables survival in hostile environment
Apr 15, 2008 Researchers identify huge virulence gene superfamily responsible for devastating plant diseases
Feb 07, 2006 Researchers to develop computational diagnostic methods for viral pathogens
Feb 18, 2008 Researchers unveil landscape of human-pathogen protein interactions
Aug 26, 2009 Scientists develop math model that accurately mimics cell division in carbon-cycling bacterium
Jul 28, 2010 Scientists discover how deadly fungal microbes enter host cells
May 09, 2008 Scientists reveal evolutionary intricacies of Rickettsia pathogens
Aug 07, 2009 Search committee announces final candidates for Virginia Bioinformatics Institute executive director
Aug 31, 2006 Sequences reveal benign origin of deadly plant pathogens
Oct 18, 2005 Setubal named deputy director at Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
Feb 23, 2009 Special issue of microbiology journal spotlights standardized language for describing microbes
Oct 28, 2010 Spencer Wells reveals the depth of human ancestry
Nov 28, 2007 Swiss ambassador visits Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
Dec 06, 2006 Tearing down the fungal cell wall
Nov 24, 2009 Turkey Genome Sequencing Consortium awarded grant from United States Department of Agriculture
Oct 15, 2008 University launches nutritional intervention business
Jan 13, 2010 University licenses GenoCAD source code to International Society for Computational Biology
Jul 11, 2007 VBI launches genome sequencing services on the Roche GS-FLX
Sep 12, 2007 VBI professor part of international team that has produced new type of rice
Oct 26, 2005 VBI, others receive grant to support cyberinfrastructure education and outreach initiative
Dec 13, 2005 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences award undergraduate research fellowships
May 16, 2007 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute and Mayo Clinic awarded $2.4 million grant to study debilitating nasal disease
Mar 03, 2008 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute and Mayo Clinic investigate link between fungal proteins, innate immunity, and asthma
Oct 14, 2010 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute awarded $10.6 million to model immune responses to gut pathogens
May 29, 2007 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute completes largest ever Affymetrix GeneChip plant experiment
Jan 11, 2006 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute designated Affymetrix National Custom Array Center
Jun 29, 2010 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute expands genome sequencing services, adds Illumina platform
Jan 12, 2007 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute installs first Roche GS-FLX genome sequencing system
May 24, 2010 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute installs hybrid-core computing platform
Jun 16, 2006 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute launches new simulation software
Sep 07, 2005 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute names Otto Folkerts associate director of technology development
Jan 11, 2006 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute receives $2.5 million for global pathogen portal project
Oct 12, 2009 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute receives $27 million award from National Institutes of Health to support infectious disease research
Jan 30, 2008 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute researcher studies how In silico modeling helps predict severity of mitochondrial disease
May 15, 2008 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute to expand cyberinfrastructure education and outreach project
Nov 21, 2005 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute to hold open house Dec. 2
Mar 15, 2006 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute to host international alpha-proteobacteria symposium
May 18, 2006 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute to research synthetic biology
Sep 11, 2006 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute to unveil new facility in National Capital Region
Jul 16, 2009 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, collaborators receive $1.45 million to develop petascale computer modeling capabilities
May 12, 2009 Virginia Tech, Wake Forest University collaboration generates a systems biology map of iron metabolism