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Michael D Sutphin

May 27, 2009 2009 Friends of Virginia Cooperative Extension honored at annual meeting
Dec 02, 2008 2009 Virginia Forage-Beef Summit to address key issues facing livestock industry
Feb 05, 2009 2009 Winter Forage Conference to teach horse owners about forage and grazing management
May 07, 2009 2009 Women in Agriculture Conference to bring fresh ideas for Virginia agriculture
Nov 24, 2009 2010 Winter Forage Conference to feature grazing innovator Greg Judy
Jun 27, 2011 2011 Virginia FFA Convention to 'Live Alive' at Virginia Tech, June 27-30
Nov 05, 2010 2011 Winter Forage Conference to feature animal behavior expert Temple Grandin
Jun 04, 2007 4-H State Congress returns, June 18-21
Feb 08, 2007 A healthy diet and regular exercise are essential for type-2 diabetes sufferers
Apr 20, 2009 A. Roger Ekirch receives 2009 Alumni Award for Excellence in Research
Oct 20, 2006 Ali named associate director of field operations for Virginia Cooperative Extension
May 12, 2011 Allison Echols receives 2011 Graduate Student Teaching Award from North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture
Jun 19, 2007 Astronaut Bernard Harris to visit youth science camp at Virginia Tech June 25
Apr 15, 2009 Beef-cattle producers benefit from Extension-managed process verification programs
Sep 21, 2006 Blacksburg residents abstain from eating abroad in 100-mile diet study
Jun 21, 2010 Blue and gold wave to sweep Virginia Tech at 2010 Virginia FFA Convention, June 21-24
Apr 20, 2009 Brett Tyler receives 2009 Alumni Award for Excellence in Research
Oct 05, 2009 Celebration of Darwin conference on Nov. 4 to mark 150th anniversary of 'Origin of Species'
May 16, 2011 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences names Tom Thompson head of crop and soil environmental sciences department
Mar 16, 2010 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences presents Bruce Holland with Hall of Fame Award
May 03, 2010 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences recognizes outstanding graduate students
Dec 15, 2006 Conference to help horse owners understand forages
Feb 20, 2009 Create a safe play area for children at home and on the farm
Sep 21, 2009 Cultivating Sustainability Conference to highlight the farm-to-table efforts of K-12 schools, hospitals, universities
Nov 13, 2009 Dairy Cattle Judging Team takes home third victory for 2009
May 07, 2008 Dairy Challenge Team returns from Wisconsin with gold award
Apr 23, 2007 Dairy Challenge team returns from South Dakota with top honors
Jul 28, 2006 Dairy Club recognized as outstanding chapter in national association
Nov 21, 2007 Dairy Judging Team scores top honors at intercollegiate competition
Oct 10, 2006 Dairy Judging Team wins national competition
Apr 20, 2009 David Moore receives 2009 Alumni Award for Excellence in Extension
May 11, 2010 David Schmale receives 2010 Sporn Award for Excellence in Teaching Introductory Subjects
Feb 02, 2007 Davy elected Fellow of the American Heart Association and the Council for High Blood Pressure Research
Aug 25, 2006 Department of Agricultural and Extension Education has new department head
Jan 09, 2007 Despite new law, parents still need to discuss finances with students
Jan 08, 2007 Energy Resource Guide for Virginia unites consumers with best online resources
Jan 03, 2007 Energy Resource Guide for Virginia unites consumers with best online resources
Oct 14, 2008 Experience agriculture, natural resources at fourth-annual Agtoberfest, Oct. 18
Aug 07, 2009 Extension encourages citizens to plant home vegetable gardens
Sep 08, 2008 Extension encourages parents to take a stand against bullying
Nov 20, 2009 Extension encourages solid financial planning for the New Year
Nov 28, 2007 Extension expert suggests parents buy age-appropriate toys that promote learning this holiday season
Oct 19, 2009 Extension has advice on healthy, low-cost holiday meals
Sep 05, 2008 Extension has hurricane preparedness resources
Mar 10, 2010 Extension has recommendations for spring lawn care
Jun 24, 2008 Extension has tomato-handling tips for consumers
May 15, 2009 Extension helps aging farmers transition the family business
Feb 09, 2010 Extension launches Master Food Volunteer program
Mar 25, 2009 Extension motivates local residents to stay fit with new, eight-week exercise program
Jul 08, 2009 Extension partners with governor's taskforce to fight poverty
Mar 14, 2008 Extension targets vanishing honeybees that continue to trouble Virginia's bee industry
Dec 22, 2008 Faculty member receives American Agricultural Law Association highest honor
May 24, 2007 Fire ants are emerging nuisance for Virginians
Mar 12, 2007 Five researchers blog during trip to study plant disease management in South Africa
Aug 11, 2006 Food science and technology students win second place in national food product competition
Jul 31, 2007 Food-borne illness an unwelcome guest at any tailgate party
Dec 15, 2006 Forage conference will educate producers about grazing practices
Mar 26, 2007 Four-week campaign educates students about food safety
Apr 20, 2009 Hanif Sherali receives 2009 Alumni Award for Excellence in Graduate Academic Advising
Jan 29, 2008 Hay Relief Program helps ensure the vitality of Southwest Virginia's livestock industry
Oct 27, 2010 Hokie Harvest beef cattle sale, swine auction comes to Virginia Tech Oct. 29
Oct 04, 2006 Horse auction funds research at Middleburg Agricultural Research and Extension Center
Jul 19, 2010 In memoriam: J.D. Stahl, professor of English
Mar 21, 2007 Incentive encourages dairy farmers to lessen phosphorus pollution in Chesapeake Bay
Oct 23, 2006 Income Tax School offers tax education seminars for professionals
Jan 24, 2007 Innovative Environmental Technologies Symposium
Apr 20, 2009 Jan Helge Bøhn receives 2009 Alumni Award for Excellence in International Education
Jan 13, 2009 Jan. 16 webcast to cover feed strategies to reduce air emissions for livestock operations
Sep 17, 2007 Japanese beetle may help Virginia Tech entomologists fight hemlock-killing insect
Aug 19, 2010 Julia Gregory named College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Employee of the Year
Aug 11, 2006 Karen Gehrt named associate director of Virginia Cooperative Extension
Apr 12, 2007 Latest resource on biodiesel fuel available from Virginia Cooperative Extension
Dec 01, 2006 Local officials complete County Supervisor Certification Program
Apr 20, 2009 M. David Alexander receives 2009 Alumni Award for Excellence in International Outreach
Sep 03, 2010 Mark Alley, David Notter receive 2010 Andy Swiger Land-Grant Awards
May 05, 2010 Mary Marchant receives 2010 Alumni Award for Excellence in International Research
Dec 11, 2008 Middle school and high school teams organize for consumer competition
May 02, 2011 National Science Foundation ranks Virginia Tech No. 5 for agricultural sciences
Aug 12, 2010 New River Valley Agriculture Field Day at Kentland Farm to provide opportunities for local producers, Aug. 17
Jun 22, 2009 New Virginia Cooperative Extension website connects citizens with research-based knowledge
Mar 25, 2008 New study explores link between sports success and student applications
Nov 14, 2006 Obey food-safety guidelines when preparing a holiday turkey
Mar 08, 2010 Paul Siegel inducted into American Poultry Industry Hall of Fame
Feb 07, 2008 Plant scientist leads study on genomics of parasitic plants
May 03, 2010 Poultry research leads to breakthrough in genetic studies of animal domestication
Aug 24, 2006 Powell River Project Symposium highlights coal mine reclamation efforts
Sep 13, 2010 Powell River Project Symposium to focus on advances in coal mine reclamation, Sept. 15
Apr 30, 2008 Prestigious Goldwater Scholarships awarded to three Virginia Tech students
Jan 15, 2008 Producers to learn key risk management strategies at 2008 Agricultural Outlook Seminars, Jan. 22-Feb. 1
Jan 15, 2008 Rep. Robert Goodlatte to speak at Agricultural Outlook Seminar in Weyers Cave, Jan. 31
Aug 22, 2008 Researcher converts biodiesel byproduct into omega-3 fatty acids
Sep 28, 2009 Researcher looks for answers about unique disease-resistant gene
Jul 02, 2007 Researchers to study poplar tree as model biomass crop
Oct 02, 2006 Robots improve problem-solving skills for Virginia 4-H'ers
Apr 20, 2009 Sandy Crigger receives 2009 Provost Award for Excellence in Advising
Jan 24, 2008 Scientists to study high-risk plant pathogen using small, unmanned aircraft
May 06, 2010 Scott Greiner receives 2010 Alumni Award for Excellence in Extension
Feb 01, 2010 Second annual international trade workshop will focus on agriculture, March 3-4
Jun 11, 2007 Small, self-controlled planes combine plant pathology and engineering
May 09, 2008 Soil Judging Team captures second place at national competition
Apr 27, 2010 Soil Judging Team wins 2010 American Society of Agronomy National Soil Judging Contest
May 16, 2008 Spring weed control the subject of new podcast from Extension turf specialist
Dec 05, 2006 State senator named 'National Friend of Extension'
Nov 19, 2007 Store holiday leftovers properly to avoid food-borne illness
May 03, 2007 Students win national financial planning contest
Apr 20, 2009 Sue Tolin receives 2009 Alumni Award for Excellence in International Research
Aug 19, 2011 Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences awards honorary degree to Virginia Tech's Paul Siegel
Aug 11, 2006 Swiger Award honors excellence in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Feb 04, 2011 Third annual international trade workshop scheduled for March 16 and 17
Oct 07, 2008 Tim Sutphin recognized as Virginia Farmer of the Year
Apr 24, 2008 Tomato pathogen genome may offer clues about bacterial evolution at the dawn of agriculture
Apr 20, 2009 Tony Wolf receives 2009 Alumni Award for Excellence in Extension
Jun 01, 2007 Turf specialist provides tips for summer lawn care
Oct 17, 2007 Two Virginia Tech studies find that housing prices fall after real estate disclosures
Jul 20, 2007 Two university economists chart the advantages of historically black colleges and universities
Nov 11, 2010 University awarded $2.7 million to study pathogen management, irrigation water quality for green industry
Aug 13, 2009 University releases new wheat variety in memory of dedicated seedsman
Jun 08, 2010 University researchers develop first stable bio-oil for transportation use
Nov 10, 2008 University's Income Tax School tours the commonwealth with tax education seminars for professionals
Nov 17, 2006 Virginia 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl Team wins contest for third time in five years
Nov 16, 2007 Virginia 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl Team wins first place at national competition
Dec 06, 2007 Virginia 4-H Livestock Judging Team wins national competition
Sep 21, 2010 Virginia Cooperative Extension Volunteer Month to commemorate more than 36,000 volunteers in October
Jun 15, 2011 Virginia Cooperative Extension and Virginia Green Industry Council expand garden container recycling program
Feb 05, 2007 Virginia Cooperative Extension and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management form disaster response partnership
Jun 08, 2011 Virginia Cooperative Extension debuts new website, Shaping Extension's Future
Oct 03, 2007 Virginia Cooperative Extension encourages citizens to have an emergency plan
Mar 20, 2007 Virginia Cooperative Extension helps Southwest Virginia sheep producers understand the distinct advantages of hair sheep
May 06, 2011 Virginia Cooperative Extension to co-host Economic Resources for Rural Virginia forums, May 19 and June 7
Jun 03, 2010 Virginia Cooperative Extension touts health benefits of youth physical activity programs
Mar 24, 2011 Virginia Food System and Farm-to-Table Forums to focus on strengthening local and regional agriculture and foods
Feb 02, 2011 Virginia General Assembly commends County Supervisor Certification Program
Oct 16, 2008 Virginia Tech Dairy Judging Team claims victory at World Dairy Expo
Apr 07, 2011 Virginia Tech Department of Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise to host 50th-anniversary open house April 9
Nov 02, 2010 Virginia Tech Income Tax School marks 50th anniversary of tax education seminars for professionals
Oct 12, 2007 Virginia Tech celebrates agriculture and natural resources with Agtoberfest, Oct. 20
Dec 03, 2009 Virginia Tech dedicates Emily Jane Hilscher Student Lounge in Litton-Reaves Hall
Aug 07, 2006 Virginia Tech names associate dean for College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and director for Virginia Cooperative Extension
Aug 10, 2007 Virginia Tech nutritionists recommend packing a healthy lunch for kids returning to school
Oct 29, 2007 Virginia Tech ranked among top 10 universities in agricultural research
Mar 09, 2010 Virginia Tech recognized for world-class food science program
Sep 18, 2006 Virginia Tech recognizes National Farm Safety and Health Week
Oct 08, 2009 Virginia Tech researcher assists in release of potato genome sequence
Sep 08, 2010 Virginia Tech researchers contribute to turkey genome sequencing
Oct 04, 2010 Virginia Tech talent inducted into Virginia Livestock Hall of Fame
Feb 03, 2009 Virginia Tech, Virginia Farm Bureau Federation announce international trade workshop
Apr 01, 2011 Virginia Tech, Virginia State University, and Virginia Food System Council seek participants in food system survey
Apr 19, 2010 Virginia Tech-led research team obtains genome sequence of bacterium isolated from a plant at Hahn Horticulture Garden
Oct 05, 2009 Virginia agencies to host FARM 101 workshop series for dairy producers
Jul 02, 2008 Virginia chapter of 4-H All Stars celebrates 85 years of service
Feb 23, 2010 Virginia governor to speak at international trade workshop on March 3
Aug 03, 2009 Virginia to host Mid-Atlantic Grass-Finished Livestock Conference, Oct. 23-24
Jun 06, 2011 Virginia youth are hot for 4-H State Congress, June 20-23
Jun 01, 2009 Virginia youth construct the future at 4-H State Congress, June 15-18
Jun 01, 2010 Virginia youth piece together the 4-H puzzle at 4-H State Congress, June 14-17
Jun 09, 2008 Virginia youth stand up, stand out at 4-H State Congress, June 23-26
Jul 25, 2011 Virginia's tree fruit industry has new insecticide to fight stink bugs
Oct 18, 2010 Wallick Harding recognized as 2010 Virginia Farmer of the Year
Apr 20, 2009 Wayne Moore receives 2009 Alumni Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Academic Advising
Oct 13, 2008 Weather the ups and downs of financial markets with sound advice from Extension
Feb 22, 2007 Women in Agriculture Conference to provide unique educational opportunity
Mar 03, 2011 World-renowned sustainable agriculture leader to speak at Virginia Tech March 24