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Miriam Sommers Rich

Jun 25, 2008 Administrator honored for contributions to global food security, poverty reduction, and Green Revolution in Asia
Jun 23, 2011 Adrian Ares named program director for international agriculture program
Dec 13, 2010 Back to the earth in Haiti -- Virginia Tech team improves soils
May 22, 2013 Conference in Indonesia highlights how biodiversity plays key role in sustainable agriculture programs
Aug 20, 2013 Education Abroad fair to feature a world of opportunities
Mar 06, 2013 Education Abroad launches 2013 Photo Contest
Nov 22, 2013 Emily Van Houweling named associate director for Women and Gender in International Development
Feb 03, 2011 Eric Miller named Virginia Tech's program director for Education Abroad
Sep 01, 2009 Father of India's Green Revolution to speak at Virginia Tech
Nov 12, 2010 Food security in Indonesia focus of new pest management project
Dec 10, 2015 Fulbright scholar studies Japan's policies governing foreign-born caregivers
Jul 28, 2015 Global Education Office names assistant director for global safety and risk management
Apr 16, 2009 Global pest management program wins international award
Jul 27, 2010 Google awards full graduate scholarships to Haitian computer science students
Jan 22, 2014 Halting crop destruction in India saves up to $309 million
Mar 17, 2009 Indian Institutes of Technology official to speak at Virginia Tech
Aug 11, 2015 Innovation Lab's work cuts crop losses, helps feed world's population, researchers say
Sep 14, 2011 International Plant Protection Sciences organization confers award on Virginia Tech's S. K. De Datta
Oct 09, 2008 Invasive papaya pest discovered by Virginia Tech team in Asia
Jan 09, 2015 Keith Moore named interim executive director of the Office of International Research, Education, and Development
Nov 14, 2014 Mary Parks' mapmaking takes her across the globe
May 16, 2008 Memorial Center of Excellence for forestry opens in Nepal
Nov 13, 2015 Michael Bertelsen honored with emeritus status
Oct 14, 2014 Muni Muniappan wins award for work in tropical agriculture
Jun 19, 2014 New site links agricultural educators worldwide
Oct 07, 2009 Office of International Affairs sponsors World Food Day telecast, canned food drive
Oct 13, 2009 Office of International Research, Education, and Development garners $30 million from U.S. Agency for International Development for two global projects
Mar 31, 2009 Paul Farmer to speak on campus
Mar 12, 2014 Photo contest offers snapshot of study abroad experiences
Oct 05, 2011 Potatoes and Virginia Tech students at 9,000 feet
Jun 09, 2015 Program assists in post-earthquake recovery in Nepal
Oct 19, 2012 Research in sustainable agriculture identifies climate-smart crop at experimental plots in the Philippines
Dec 19, 2008 S. K. De Datta to be named American Association for the Advancement of Science fellow
Mar 28, 2012 S.K. De Datta honored with emeritus status
Sep 23, 2015 Scientist leads charge to combat spread of invasive moth threatening tomato crops
Apr 10, 2014 Seeding success in India turns coconut dust into gold
Sep 09, 2013 Senegalese university presidents to visit Virginia Tech
Jun 01, 2011 Senior awarded international scholarship to study in Peru
Jun 11, 2015 Six Fulbright grants awarded to Virginia Tech students and alumnae
Aug 22, 2014 Speckled beetle key to saving crops in Ethiopia
Jun 18, 2015 Student selected for Fulbright Summer Institute
Sep 13, 2013 Symposium to cover improvement of agricultural education in developing countries
Feb 25, 2015 Theresa Johansson named director of the Global Education Office
Sep 24, 2012 Training wheels come off for Virginia Tech program in Nepal
Mar 17, 2010 Two professors direct food security research
Apr 05, 2013 University awarded $1.59 million to pursue agricultural research in developing countries
Jan 12, 2015 University awarded $18 million for integrated pest management program in developing countries
Jan 11, 2010 University awarded $2.5 million from U.S. Agency for International Development Mali mission
Nov 11, 2008 University awarded grant to improve food security in Africa
Jun 07, 2010 University helps Haitian college seniors complete their degrees
Nov 03, 2008 University names program director for education abroad
Jul 31, 2009 University program empowers women through gender workshop in Mali
Feb 04, 2015 University program helps workforce in Armenia transition to market economy
Jan 30, 2015 University program spurs change in Senegalese law governing universities
Mar 07, 2011 University receives award to improve rural roads in Ethiopia
Feb 07, 2011 University scientist discovers presence of insect pest in Indonesia
Sep 15, 2009 University scientist plays key role in saving the livelihoods of papaya farmers in Sri Lanka
Feb 08, 2005 University scientists address locust control at conference in Senegal
Jun 19, 2009 University scientists warn Asia of widespread invasive pest threat
May 07, 2009 University wins highly competitive planning grant to develop partnership with universities in Africa
Nov 20, 2013 University-led workshop in Ethiopia combats tomato leafminer
May 06, 2014 University-led workshop in Senegal combats invasive species in the tropics
Jul 21, 2015 Van Crowder named executive director of the Office of International Research, Education, and Development
Feb 06, 2014 Video: Scientists work to stop moth from destroying world's tomato crop
May 16, 2014 Video: Virginia Tech scientists combat hunger in Cambodia
Mar 18, 2011 Virginia Tech awarded $1.47 million to lead agriculture program in Southern Sudan
Jul 06, 2012 Virginia Tech co-organizes symposium to address plant virus diseases in the developing world
Apr 20, 2015 Virginia Tech gets jump on destructive insect in Nepal
Sep 13, 2010 Virginia Tech receives $28 million for program in Senegal as part of Feed the Future initiative
Sep 28, 2012 Virginia Tech research program confirms presence of invasive insect in Senegal
Feb 18, 2015 Virginia Tech rises in Peace Corps rankings
Feb 12, 2014 Virginia Tech rises in Peace Corps rankings
Nov 15, 2012 Virginia Tech to improve agricultural training and education in developing world
Jan 28, 2013 William 'Bill' Nelson Pruitt III named assistant director for education abroad
May 14, 2013 Winners announced in Virginia Tech Education Abroad photo contest