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Aug 11, 2009 Algebra adds value to mathematical biology education
Apr 17, 2009 Auburn High School students, teachers visit Virginia Bioinformatics Institute in conjunction with education and outreach project
Mar 27, 2009 Australian university delegation visits Virginia Bioinformatics Institute to discuss collaboration
Sep 14, 2005 Barry Whyte named head of communications at Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
Apr 03, 2009 David G.I. Kingston is featured speaker at Blacksburg Cafe Scientifique event
Sep 08, 2010 GenBioOrg student group announces seminar series lineup for fall semester
Dec 15, 2010 Genome sequences for two deadly plant pathogens make major contributions to scientific research
Apr 25, 2008 Graduate research assistant receives outstanding student award
Dec 19, 2006 Hoops named Systems Biology Markup Language editor
Dec 21, 2010 Immune system changes linked to inflammatory bowel disease revealed
Apr 18, 2008 Jeanne Forbis named chief of staff and executive communications officer for Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
Jan 24, 2011 Key information about breast cancer risk and development is found in 'junk' DNA
Nov 18, 2009 Kids' Tech University gears up for a second semester on Virginia Tech campus
Dec 10, 2009 Kids' Tech University introduces new teacher training workshops
Dec 03, 2010 Kids' Tech University returns to campus with spring semester program
Feb 11, 2011 Mathematics teachers learn to inspire students by encouraging pattern hunting
May 11, 2010 Matthew Lux receives U.S. Department of Defense SMART scholarship
Oct 06, 2009 National Science Foundation funds systems biology study of crop drought responses
Oct 06, 2006 New appointments made by Board of Visitors
Sep 06, 2006 New faculty member introduces Stress Systems Biology research program
Feb 23, 2011 New technology pinpoints genetic differences between cancer, non-cancer patients
Nov 22, 2006 Nobel Laureate keynotes Ninth Annual Computational Genomics Conference
Apr 22, 2008 Professor Chris Barrett gives keynote lecture at annual international workshop
Apr 20, 2009 Programs announced for 2009 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute's annual Summer Institute
Sep 23, 2010 Renowned population geneticist Spencer Wells to deliver keynote lecture at Virginia Bioinformatics Institute's 10th anniversary event
Nov 25, 2009 Research collaboration receives Fogarty award to support informatics research training
Jan 26, 2007 Research offers potential route to diabetes therapeutics
Dec 21, 2010 Researchers discover how natural drug fights inflammation
May 02, 2008 Researchers identify plant immunity suppressing pathogen virulence proteins
Mar 13, 2008 Scientists simulate pandemic influenza outbreak in Chicago
Apr 27, 2010 Student training opportunities offered in pioneering field of scientific publication ethics
Jan 14, 2010 Synthetic biology pioneer John Glass to kick off GenBioOrg seminar series
Aug 31, 2010 Systems biology software package developed at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute is now open source for all users
Aug 27, 2010 The Virginia Bioinformatics Institute's summer student research opportunities help train the scientists of tomorrow
Nov 17, 2008 University to launch Kids' Tech University
Jul 30, 2004 VBI awarded $2.89 million from NIAID
Mar 04, 2005 VBI implements customized BioGraphWeaver Enterprise Systems by GraphLogic
Jul 13, 2005 VBI researcher receives USDA functional genomics grant
Oct 12, 2004 VBI's Pathogen Portal project receives additional $4.9 million in funding
Feb 02, 2007 VBI's Pedro Mendes accepts new post in United Kingdom
Jul 08, 2004 VBI, collaborators receive largest funded NIH contract
Dec 17, 2008 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute announces partnership with Mathematical Biosciences Institute
Dec 19, 2007 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute appoints scientific advisory board
Apr 21, 2004 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute at Virginia Tech holds grand opening for Facility I
Sep 24, 2009 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute awards Transdisciplinary Team Science
May 08, 2008 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute graduate assistant awarded prestigious scholarship from College of Science
Apr 06, 2010 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute graduate research assistant named 2010 Outstanding Interdisciplinary Doctoral Student
Jul 13, 2007 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute hosts new bioinformatic resource center web site
Oct 21, 2010 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute joins nation’s leading science organizations at the USA Science & Engineering Festival
Mar 09, 2006 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute launches microbial database
Sep 07, 2010 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute launches new Industrial Affiliates Program
Nov 04, 2008 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute offers fellowships for graduate work in transdisciplinary science
Jan 24, 2008 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute researcher investigates impact of nutrition on human health
Sep 08, 2009 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute researcher receives National Institutes of Health Recovery Act funding for infectious disease modeling
Jun 15, 2009 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute researchers develop new method for breast cancer biomarker discovery
Jul 17, 2009 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute researchers present systems biology as a clinical approach to cancer
Jun 24, 2009 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute scientists sequence genome of the nitrogen-fixing, soil-living bacterium
Apr 11, 2006 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute to develop Tomato Metabolite Database
Dec 20, 2005 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute welcomes Fulbright Visiting Scholar
Aug 31, 2007 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute workshop series focused on microbial gene sequence annotation
Oct 17, 2007 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute's Bruno Sobral speaks to BIO IT Coalition
Mar 16, 2006 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute's First Annual Research Symposium begins March 23
Apr 12, 2005 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute's researcher receives NSF CAREER award
Mar 23, 2005 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute's researcher serving on National Institutes of Health study section
May 20, 2010 Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, partners receive $1.45 million award for plant protection in developing countries
Jun 01, 2010 Virginia Tech undergraduates join Virginia United iGEM team for national synthetic biology competition
May 04, 2004 Virginia Tech's Ph.D. program in Genetics, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology highlighted in Nature Biotechnology magazine
Nov 29, 2007 iGEM team awarded gold medal in national competition